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The recommendation of trichologists hair loss: treatment for

Trichology is the science that studies the issues associated with hair and scalp on the human body. The doctor dealing with these issues, respectively, called the trichologist and his specialty is closely linked with various diseases of the hair. In the West, it medical field has already acquired considerable experience, while on the territory of CIS countries such specialization of doctors began to appear only at the dawn of the 90-ies of the last century.

For anybody not a secret that a thick, strong, beautiful hair show primarily about a healthy body and not only about good care. The experience of the trichologist, his advice is equally useful for both women and men. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Active hair loss – what are signals?

Hair loss, in principle, it is a natural phenomenon and has long been known that on the day hair person loses up to 100 hairs. However, if the number vypadenii hair far more imperative to ask for help, because only he will be able to determine the cause.

According to the observations of trichologists, the main reasons are:

  • Violations of the hormonal balance inside the body, which can be caused by hormonal medications, use of certain contraceptives, termination of pregnancy or breast-feeding;
  • As a result of chemotherapy and radiation with severe diseases;
  • Seasonal vitamin deficiency or the use of a low calorie diet;
  • Frequent use of Hairdryers and other heating devices. Effect on the hair ultraviolet irradiation and temperature changes.
  • The use of substandard care items (bad combs, barrettes, elastic bands, etc.). Frequent shampooing;
  • Frequent dyeing, as well as a large number of produced chemical treatments, performed without the use of protective balms.

Probable duration of the disease?

In most cases it is temporary hair loss. If the time to detect the problem and time to go to the doctor, after diagnosis and proper treatment, you have six months to restore hair and make them healthy.

Otherwise, the probability of development of chronic forms of a disease, which can lead to hair loss. Besides the fact that the chronic form is much more difficult to treat, defective appearance can cause additional stress.

What are the options of treatments against hair loss can you advise?

First thing you need to remember that the key to successful treatment is correct diagnosis and proper treatment. Only the doctor can prescribe a course of treatment,consisting of vitamins, minerals and medicines aimed at dealing with hair loss.

Recently widely used, and quite successfully, hardware cosmetology, which is performed in beauty centers under the supervision of a trichologist. It includes the following:

  • Microcurrent therapy for stimulating hair growth.
  • Vacuum head massage, promote microcirculation of blood vessels and is aimed at stimulating hair follicles.
  • Electrophoresis head.
  • A course of laser therapy, which is performed with the use of cold laser.

Is there an effective remedy for baldness?

Unfortunately, at this stage, the universal means does not exist. There are medical shampoos, medical masks and balms. However, first and foremost, you need to take care of the hair. Only by respecting basic rules, you can reduce the risks of hair loss. And most importantly, it's not a treatment, but an ordinary regular procedure. In particular, we note the following:

  1. Healthy hair needs to get proper diet that includes a wide range of vitamins, micro and macronutrients, and other nutrients. For the hair the main vitamins are vitamins A, group b, C, E, and PP. There is a list of products, which include all the nutrients, and there are also developed by experts of the daily diet of these products. In this respect, we recommend the material is Parallel to the brushing you can apply rubbing into the hair roots essential oils containing vitamins.

If your hair is long, it would be right to brush them from the middle, gradually getting to the roots of the hair. In the evenings you can make yourself a head massage is useful not only for hair, but still perfectly calm.

Don't rush to comb wet hair. When shampooing, the shampoo is best to wash with conditioner or balm. If you have the opportunity, often comb the hair on the fresh air

  1. Head needs to be cleaned properly. Trichologists believe that hair washing every day can also negatively affect the hair. After all, when suffering frequent washing of the protective layer is washed away with water. Scalp not have time to allocate the right amount of sebum, which plays a role of protection. The hair fade and become dry and brittle, they cannot obtain the necessary vitamins that they need.

When shampooing, all movements do smoothly, massaging the scalp. Before washing the hair prior to comb. The shampoo is to use a special that includes all the necessary elements for nourishment and protection. Allowed the addition of a shampoo of vitamins and oilsusually 3-4 drops per 100ml of shampoo.

The main rule is care and prevention

When caring for hair many use traditional medicines. This method cannot be considered a treatment, rather, it is preventive measures. In such case, all actions aimed at caring for the hair. Overall, these actions must become a way of life and to exclude forever any problems with hair.

  • To do the head massage before washing hair, use beauty mask. Masks can be made from all natural products like onions, honey, oatmeal, milk, yogurt, cognac. You can also use a variety of oils of natural origin — olive, burdock, linseed sunflower. All this nourishes the hair, promotes their strengthening and protects from hair loss. We have a wonderful article — the ultraviolet rays have a harmful effect on hair, which under their influence lose their quality.

    Nature not always gives people a beautiful hair color, especially confident women. Hence the fascination with hair coloring, allowing one to look especially. In the case of frequent use of hair dye, the doctor-trichologist can recommend:

    • The use of paints that do not contain ammonia;
    • The execution of the painting, when hair is oily, because sebum will serve as a protection and when painting will save the roots;
    • You can use a coloring shampoo, not having in its composition of harmful substances;
    • It is mandatory to use a mask after painting to restore the structure of hair;
    • In shampoo to strengthen and protect, it is possible to add special oils and additives.

    By the way, this also applies to chemical treatments. In case you use this procedure, it is best to use bioreactor curler – this means less chemistry and it is not harmful. Very useful for the reader and the material — hair Loss: causes, treatment and mask, which will tell you what to do yourself when you hair loss.

    Healthy body – healthy hair. It is necessary to monitor their health, exercise, often outdoors, sleep should be complete, etc. you Should try less to worry about and expose yourself to stress, because all this also affects the hair. Group b vitamins beneficial to the human nervous system and is very useful for hair. It is worth remembering that if the man himself will not take care of themselves, then no amount of shampoos and masks will not restore losses.

    And the main thing you need to remember that the priority when a problem is detected, it is necessary to seek the advice and assistance of specialist who, given theindividual characteristics, appropriate treatment. You need to follow the advice of the physician to follow the hair and only then you will get a positive result.