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Spinal hernia in neonates: causes, symptoms, photo, treatment of the child

Spina bifida in a newborn is characterized by a process in which there is fusion of the spine. The result through the defect begins to protrude the spinal cord is covered at the top by a small area of the skin of the back.

And diagnosis, with today's modern equipment, first of all we are talking about ultrasound, detected even before birth, during the first trimester of pregnancy.

However, the severity of the pathology finally determined diagnostic procedures after the baby is born.

The reasons for the formation

The causes of splitting of the spine at the time of the formation of the embryo, until the end and not clear.

Theoretically, the basic cause of this disease is the lack of certain trace elements, in particular this applies to the deficiency of folic acid, which is necessary for the formation of the nervous system of the child.

Certain negative impact is also influenced by biological and physical environmental factors. These include:

  • Uncontrolled reception of antibiotics and medications,
  • the chemical poisoning and natural toxins
  • excessive alcohol consumption by the mother before and especially during pregnancy.

All these factors have an extremely negative impact on the formation of the brain and spinal cord of the newborn. Note that the formation of the neural tube in the fetus occurs up to 8 weeks and in this period all of the above adverse factors influence is the fact that there is an incomplete fusion of the spine in children.

Despite the fact that spina bifida in a newborn is congenital pathology of the character, it is not inherited. Therefore, in subsequent pregnancies a woman may give birth to completely healthy baby.

Important! The detection of this pathology in the child at an early stage, i.e. during the first trimester of pregnancy, the doctor is obliged to offer to parents to conduct an abortion for medical reasons.

The decision about abortion is accepted parents, however, need to clarify that a slight splitting of the spinal cord without the inclusion of a hernia can be successfully eliminated surgery, which is held in the first days after birth.

On the other hand, if the child has a serious injury to the spinal cord, there is a high probability that the child will suffer mental and physical disabilities throughout his life.

Classification of spina bifida

Spina bifida of the newborn can be divided into two main types: a hidden breakdown and hernia.

Hidden cleavage refers tothe most common pathology, and is always defined by a light leakage. The child with this type of splitting of neurological symptoms are virtually absent, or expressed too little features.

Visually, this splitting can be seen in the form of small holes in a spine, and on the surface of the skin may form a pigmented spot or area with excessive body hair.

With regard to the hernial protrusion, it is always noticeable visually. It can be defined as swelling that is filled with spinal cord, ligaments and nerves roots.

In this type of spina bifida a baby is born with serious somatic and neurological disorders as nerve root can sometimes function properly and will be involved in the pathological process.

If a latent cleavage, the symptoms of the disease at birth are almost there. Hernia and splitting always leads to serious violations on the part of the spinal cord. It is possible to distinguish the following symptoms:

  • Below the cleavage on the skin is completely absent sensitivity.
  • Defects of the lower extremities, and improper position of the feet. Appears clubfoot.
  • The child may be partial or complete paralysis of the lower extremities.
  • Is observed in paralysis of the bladder and rectum, a disorder of the pelvic organs.

In addition it can be noted that frequent accompanying disease spinal hernia splitting of species may be hydrocephalus of the brain.

Unfortunately, hernia is a kind of spinal herniation causes disturbances in the bladder can manifest throughout a child's life.

Partial paralysis of the lower extremities leads to the fact that the urine starts to back flow into the renal pelvis, leading to inflammation.

A child with this form of spina bifida will need to be under constant medical supervision throughout life.

Treatment of spina bifida

To achieve a positive effect in the treatment of spina bifida need to begin therapy in the first days after birth. In this case, it should be noted that the operation performed by a surgeon with extensive professional experience, as any mistake can lead to trauma of the spinal cord and to irreversible consequences in the development of the child .

Surgery involves complete removal of baggy tumors, after which the spinal cord begins to return to its normal anatomical position. The splitting can be closed by plastic surgery.

Surgical intervention in the regionthe spinal cord is not the only one in the complex treatment of spina bifida. Together with this are physiotherapy and treatment of urological problems. It may be recalled that almost also removed and the main component of prevention, should be made not only the mother but also the future father. To familiarize with this tool, you can explore the material — Folic acid for conception, which helps to properly understand the significance of this drug in the planning of future pregnancies.

In the first weeks after conception, a woman should avoid taking any pharmaceutical drugs without consulting a doctor, additionally, you will need to minimize contact with cosmetics and household chemicals.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that after 20 weeks of pregnancy almost all organs have been formed, and during this period the main thing is not to harm the child in its prenatal development.