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Fistula after surgery: treatment and symptoms

Fistula or an internal channel in the human body, fistula, submitted by the canal, which connects the sexual organs with the external environment.

Fistula can also be a channel that connects the cavity or the surface of the body growing inside the tumor.

Externally, the fistula looks like the easiest channel, which is covered by a layer of epithelium – the top layer of the skin.

The type of the fistula can be distinguished, as a consequence of certain pathological processes in the body, or as a consequence of surgical intervention. Here about the second type we'll talk. Just such a fistula can occur when the lead content of the penis.

What is fistula postoperative

Just say that the fistula formed in the patient's body after surgery can be attributed to the classical complication after surgery. Note that in the basis of the reasons which lead to the formation of a fistula are:

  • Suppuration in the region of operation.
  • Eventtrace.
  • Infiltration in the field of operating seams.

The basis in any case lies the possibility that suture tissue after surgery remains contaminated. Suture tissue under a ligature, or ligature thread. They remain pathogenic microorganism, which lead to the formation of lumps, granulomas.

A granuloma, in turn, consists of the ligature strands and cells with fibrous tissue. There may also be present, and macrophages and collagen fibers, which then, after complete healing of all joints, can lead to scarring.

Thus we emphasize that the fistula does not have to be pronounced and brings discomfort or pain. Diagnosed and fistula of small size, which absolutely does not manifest itself and the patient even did not feel.

And yet, most often we can say that fistulas are formed after the use of special strands of silk.

Symptoms of the fistula postoperative

If the fistula is presented by the large size, its development always takes place against the background of pronounced signs and symptoms. Let's define the main ones:

  • Around the sewn wound inflammation begins. The formation of small lumps, hot to the touch granulation mushroom-shaped.
  • The inflammatory process affects not all of the incision, but only a part.
  • From the wound, the affected area inflammation begins to cause a flow of pus. Sometimes it can be represented by a small number, new the vast majority of cases, pus is allocated a lot.
  • Place of sutures begins to change color, turning red.
  • In education fistula swelling begin to appear and the first signs of pain, which can increase.
  • It is possible to diagnose the rise in temperaturebody to 39 degrees.

Fistula and its consequences

If the fistula for a long period of time passes, its main consequence may be suppuration of the ligature thread, which develops into an abscess.

Here it should be noted that ligature fistulas, can become the reason for re-infection of the surgical site. In addition, there is a possibility of an intoxication of the whole organism, which can bring the patient to the disability.

Important! Frequently pus from the orifice of the fistula can lead to the beginning of the dermatitis, which can develop into a chronicle.

Interestingly, the occurrence of the fistula does not have to occur in a short time after surgery, it is often possible to diagnose its development and a few months after a successful surgery.

Treatment of postoperative fistula

In principle, the ligature thread can come out together with the pus, after suppuration reaches a critical point, so to speak. However, this happens in rare cases, and simply observe the development of a fistula, not turning to doctors for help, is absolutely the right thing to do.

You just need immediately at the first symptoms, consult a doctor. With their own treatment of the fistula, and even at home is extremely dangerous and is contraindicated.

First, the treatment lies in the fact that festering ligature thread is removed again surgically. After prescribe a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Be sure the treatment is added to the intake of vitamin complexes,suitable for both the leather, which are designed to help restore the immune system and maintain it at the desired level.

With regard to wound healing after the removal of the festering of the thread, here used for remediation, which are produced with the help of washing solution furatsilina. You can use hydrogen peroxide. Both of these tools not only perfectly disinfected the wound surface, but also removed the pus that stands out.

Together with the removal of the festering alloys can be carried out cauterization and curettage of granulation tissue, which when inflammation of the fistula appear to be excessive.

In addition to these activities, there is a more gentle method of treatment of postoperative fistula, which concluded in the use of ultrasound.

In the formation of multiple channels, the doctor takes a decision on conducting operational excision of the scar, and the fabric is completely removed together with the ligature thread, and the place of operation is applied new seam. Earlier, we wrote about the fistula on the gums.