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Allergy pills - list of cheap drugs and medicines

Allergy is a protective reaction of human organism to certain substances and a high enough sensitivity to them. In recent years, dramatically increased the number of factors that cause allergic reactions of the organism and its manifestation. Some people start to feel the symptoms of the disease under the influence of the sun's rays, low temperature, food, mechanical impact, and contact with household allergens, so the effective tools needed to fight this disease!

Modern medicine and many drugs of today, can not affect the mechanism of Allergy development. For this reason, the treatment of the disease is purely symptomatic, regardless of what tool you are using. People with allergies should take antihistamines every season or even every day throughout the year.

Methods of treatment of the disease

If we talk about the ideal ways of getting rid of such reactions of the human body, then they could be considered the absolute elimination of contact with source of allergies, however, this is not always possible, so the medicines and treatment more symptomatic.

The most advanced method of ASIT (specific immunotherapy) can help the body to produce specific antibodies to the causative agent of the disease. Such a method and means most effective, but relatively expensive, and besides, not everyone can fit. There is also still a means and a method called plasmapheresis. It is based on invasive blood purification of the sick person, but also not in all cases can be shown.

For this reason, the bulk of those who suffer from allergies, get rid of the symptoms with the help of drops, spray, ointment, tablets and injections, so let's talk about what is Allergy pills of new generation.

The drugs prescribed by the doctor

Any therapy against Allergy and its manifestations provides for several stages of the struggle, and considering what Allergy pills are prescribed. So, in the beginning you should do a body cleansing from toxins and allergens and there is my tool.

This requires the use of special sorbents which are generally available in the form of various powders, gels and tablets. Such preparations should include the list:

  • activated carbon,
  • "Polifepan",
  • "Filtrum STI,
  • "Enterosgel",
  • white charcoal and some other drugs.

If the case is serious and no other ways of dealing do not give proper result, the doctor may prescribe special tool — corticosteroids — Allergy pills on the skin. As forsuppress manifestations of allergic reactions, pharmacology offers a wide variety of antihistamines that block the overabundance of free histamine, and here the Allergy on the skin in the front row, and the treatment is effective.

Or not to take Allergy pills?

All strong antihistamines are only a temporary symptomatic the Allergy can't put down, although the treatment they recommended.

Their action is based on the fact that effectively inhibit the histamine, which is produced by the body after rupture of the particular fat cells. By itself, histamine is a substance specific and name in the form of medication, it is different, and treatment is different.

This vasoactive amine – derived histidine (one of the amino acids the human body). He makes the cells of the mucous membranes to produce mucus in large enough quantities. It is clearly possible to observe such Allergy symptoms like rhinitis and conjunctivitis, where treatment is symptomatic, and the same reactions, and they are absolutely safe for prolonged use.

The choice of medication Allergy is quite broad and can easily buy in pharmacies, but these medicines do not require prescription from a doctor. However, this does not mean that it is possible without consequences to self-appoint yourself the best pills, because professionally and competently be able to do it just the doctor! This will be done on the basis of all clinical manifestations, medical history and laboratory tests. Only then can be assigned to a comprehensive treatment of allergies.

The treatment algorithm

Each allergic reaction involves a specific algorithm and treatment. The events contributing to the relief and removal of symptoms include:

  • partial or absolute elimination of the entry of causative agent of allergic reactions in any way possible. This can be a regular wet cleaning, limit contact with potentially dangerous carriers of allergies (animals, plants, household items, accumulate allergens);
  • eliminate those foods which can increase the risk of Allergy development. Such include sweet foods, citrus, dairy, chocolate, and coffee;
  • maintaining optimal mental and physical condition;
  • the maximum limit of overheating, overcooling, excessive moisture and dryness of the skin.