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Treatment of hepatitis C with folk remedies and methods

Trichomoniasis is a fairly common disease of the urogenital system, which is transmitted in most cases through sexual contact.

After infection the first signs can appear within 4-20 days. This disease is characterized by the fact that on the surface of the mucous membrane appear ulcers and various kinds of erosion, and the mucosa itself loses elasticity, thickens and bleeds.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Patients complain of burning and itching in the genitals, pain when urinating, discomfort and sometimes sharp pain during intercourse. From the genitals appear foamy discharge white or yellow-gray color.

If you do not treat this disease, the discharge may stop and appear only after alcohol consumption, the inflammatory process gradually taking place. However, this is not a reason for complacency and it is worth remembering that trichomoniasis may develop into a chronic form, which may subsequently cause infertility.

Specialist after the diagnosis, the treatment prescribes antibiotics and protivotrihomonadnyh drugs. The patient will be helpful information that such Treatment is necessary for all who test revealed Trichomonas vaginalis, even if there are pronounced signs of trichomoniasis and the patient feels healthy. You should know, which requires algae. Calamus root has long been quite successfully used for the treatment of female and male trichomoniasis.

You can prepare a vodka tincture and use it 3 times a day. Treatment with the use of tincture of well that suitable for people who have problems in the gastrointestinal tract, as it does not irritate the lining of the stomach.

Other folk remedies

Even for the treatment of this disease using a powder made from willow and aspen bark. To use it you need at 0.5 grams in the morning and evening.

Tincture of marigold, lilac, leaves and flowers of celandine cherry, too, is an excellent cleanser that can be used trichomoniasis. To prepare one tablespoon of the mixture of plants, you need to pour one Cup of boiling water for 5-8 minutes to hold in a water bath or in the oven. The finished tincture is used as mikroklizm approximately 4 tablespoons at a time. You can also this solution is injected into the urethra through a catheter. Such procedures will greatly facilitate the patient's condition.

Garlic, onion, calendula

Garlic also is a great helper in the treatment of this disease. Is used for this juice that you want to squeeze out of one head of garlic – it is taken as a separate (1ch.l. 3 times a day) or diluted with vodka and take 10-20drops three times a day.

For the treatment of trichomoniasis use the most simple medicines, for example garlic or onion applied externally. Alternatively, from the onion (you can take garlic) paste, which is wrapped in gauze, should be placed in the vagina.

Duration four hours, however, if the patient is experiencing discomfort, you can reduce the time. The treatment is performed for ten days, but if irritation develops, it should stop.

In those cases, when the burning and itching cause a lot of problems, you can try to gargle with the tincture of calendula. Very good help in the trichomoniasis of aloe. From crushed leaves otlavlivatsya juice and you should drink it 3 times a day before meals for one hour, and themselves crushed leaves can be used for lotions on the genitals.

Honey and butter

Together with trichomoniasis in men often Trichomonas urethritis, and in women, Trichomonas coleitis. Treatment This disease is treated with antibiotics, however, do not be redundant and immune system modulating drugs. Traditional medicine can offer in such cases, natural honey. You need every day to dissolve under the tongue up to 150 grams of honey. The course of treatment is seven days.

Another effective tool in the treatment of obesity is sea buckthorn oil, which is used for wiping the genitals. The oil will remove inflammation, reduces irritation and reduces itching. Recommended oil up to complete cure.

Folk medicine can offer different herbal fees for the treatment of trichomoniasis. They include mostly herbs with disinfecting and antiseptic properties, such as calendula common.