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Fungus between toes: treatment of folk remedies (ointments and creams)

Fungal infection between the toes can be recognized by a characteristic rash on the skin surface. The distribution of fungi is accompanied by redness of the skin between the fingers, tooth, burning and discomfort. After that, skin cells begin to flake off and the surface of the legs there are small cracks.

Fungus between the toes is the most common dermatological skin disease from all types of diseases of the feet. As indicated by statistics, this illness is found in every fifth inhabitant of Russia.

Most often the initiator of occurrence of skin disease fungus is the fungus Tinea pedum, which multiplies in damp and warm conditions. In this regard, fungus between the toes often occurs in those who frequently sweat and wear uncomfortable shoes.

These include overweight people and athletes who are not bad buy breathable shoes and socks of non-natural materials. Women's and children's foot fungus between the toes is much rarer. By the way, is very helpful information about what should be the treatment is a long period, so to get rid of the fungus may be only a month or much later, when the fungal infection is completely out of his system and the blood is cleansed of microorganisms.

If the disease moved on to the nail plate to completely cure the fungus between your toes will only turn out twelve months.

Therefore, when you detect the first signs of fungus it is important to seek the assistance of a doctor, who will conduct a survey of destruction, explores in laboratory conditions, skin particles, will reveal the precise diagnosis and make a treatment plan. Most importantly in this case, do not run, otherwise the infestation can spread to other parts of the body and to treat a fungal infection will be much harder and longer. More detail about what is popular and special liquid "Samarovka" that are sold in all pharmacies. The shoes should be carefully treated, place in an airtight bag and hold for three hours.

Additionally, we cannot allow the feet were often wet or sweating. Need to wear socks made from natural fabrics and change them regularly. Frequent sweating of the feet you can apply a foot powder. Only by carefully tracking the condition of the feet and skin care will turn out to get rid of fungal infection.

Fungus treatment between toes folk remedies

Safe and effective are folk remedies for the treatment, proven. These treatments fungus between toes cheap, affordable and very simple. you can learn more from our article — Need to keep feet dry as fungus loves a moist environment.After visiting the baths, saunas or pools feet should be thoroughly washed and dried with a towel. Additionally, it is recommended to wipe the skin surface of the feet with lemon juice.

To avoid fungal infection on the feet you can use antifungal medical ointment, too often, however, use is not recommended.

As is known, the activity of fungi is manifested at the time of low immunity and the occurrence of any disease. Therefore it is necessary to monitor their health, eat vitamins, eat vegetables and fruit, drink healthy juices and often fresh air.

It is important to remember that it is easier to deal with prevention, to prevent mildew than to get rid of this nasty disease. If fungal infection is still formed, it is important not to hesitate and to take all necessary measures as soon as possible to get rid of the fungus.