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Fungus on the penis: how to treat, review ointments

Body adult men often are exposed to harmful effects of various diseases caused by fungal infections. The fungi have the ability to be localized in different parts of the human body, including the reproductive system.

Of Contracting disease-causing fungus can not only sexually, but also when making simple hygienic procedures, for example, washing or wiping the genitals of other people's towels.

Manifestation of the fungus occurs when you lose and active reproduction of microorganisms. Very active development is taking place in favorable conditions of life yeast. Male penis can be an ideal habitat for a variety of fungi, provoking the development of various diseases with specific symptoms.

Therefore, when you encounter the first warning signs should seek professional medical help and undergo complex medical procedures. Attempts to get rid of the fungus is not desirable, because methods of treatment in each individual case can be determined only by the doctor. If treatment is not started in time, is fraught with serious complications.

The fungus on the head of the male penis: factors of emergence

The main reason motivating the emergence of the fungus on the penis is the poor condition of the immune system.

The body, protective functions of which significantly weakened, it becomes a favorable environment for the active development of the fungus. In turn, the weakening of the immune system can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from recent illness and ending with antibiotics.

Another factor influencing the development of the fungus on the penis, is the failure of the elementary rules of intimate hygiene. Diseases caused by fungi, are constant companions of diabetics who have to take antibiotics.

All sorts of hormonal disturbances, for example, reducing the level of testosterone in the body, can also cause increased viability of fungi.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in most cases, these diseases occur after sexual contact with an infected partner.

Symptoms of fungus on penis

The fungus on the head can cause a variety of uncomfortable feelings. The main symptoms are signs such as redness of the foreskin and the penis head, the RAID of cheesy nature, the frequent itching and burning sensation, pain during urination and sexual intercourse, at least – the appearance of the secretions.

With the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, especially any of the formations on the head of the penis, you should immediately seekmedical care for a specially prescribed treatment.

To improve the efficiency of procedures it is important to identify the infectious form of the disease, because there are different fungal infections with similar symptoms. That is why self-medication in this case is totally unacceptable.

The main method of diagnosis is the microscopic examination of the smear from the urinary canal and carrying out the antibiogram. Many microorganisms remain resistant even to strong antibiotics, so that treatment can be successful, we must not only identify the pathogen and to use the best way to eliminate it. Moreover, the method of visual diagnostics and scraping, determined and All this is accompanied by an uncomfortable burning sensation and severe itching. The manifestation of the disease characterized by diabetes, undergo treatment for infections of bacteriological origin, low immunity, obesity, diseases of the endocrine system, phimosis.

Candida balanoposthitis is sexually transmitted, therefore, the manifestation of the warning signs of the disease need to refrain from sexual contact and see a doctor. This treatment needs to go along with a partner. If you ignore the precautions, you may experience complications such as persistent acquired phimosis and erysipelatous inflammation of the penis.

Inguinal athlete's foot is another common disease of fungal origin. The risk group includes representatives of the stronger sex, working in conditions of high humidity and high temperatures. The symptoms are the same: traditional burning, severe itching and barely noticeable spots, this is a reflection of common remedies from thrush for example is imidazole. It is the basis several creams to combat fungal infections such as Ketoconazole or Clotrimazole”. The same fluconazole for the treatment of nail fungus is suitable for the treatment of fungal infections on the penis.

Selection of antibiotics is on an individual treatment plan, corresponding to the results of analysis of smears from the urethra and the findings of the antibiogram. The duration and characteristics of treatment established by a doctor, who should be notified in case of any side effects.

The use of any creams and antibiotics must be strictly controlled medical appointments. The purity of the body and prompt treatment are the main components of human health!