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How to treat fungus on eggs: the means of fungus on the scrotum

Fungal infection in humans can occur on almost any area of the skin, sometimes affecting internal organs. Let's talk today about there rash as a fungus on the scrotum that can often become a problem men.

It is the fungus on the scrotum may not necessarily be a unique athlete, however, as with any disease associated with the sexual organs, it makes men a lot of panic and often leads to incorrect conclusions and decisions on treatment.

And yet, the treatment of fungus on the scrotum can deliver results only in the case if you hold it in the correct prescription drugs, and strictly according to the rules of therapy and according to the scheme.

Ways of infection and appearance

For infection to occur the fungus that is localized in the testicles, you need to have at least one predisposing factor to infection. Consider these following points:

  • Constantly wet environment, which can be caused by the increased separation of sweat, poor hygiene, or a specific work.
  • The high temperature of the environment. In this regard tropical countries occupy leading positions in the spread of fungus on the scrotum.
  • Violation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body.

Needless infection occurs through contact of the skin of the scrotum with objects which contain the spores of the mycosis. We are talking about contact-household way of infection. Simply ignore the rules of personal hygiene to the use of common hygiene items such as washcloth or bath towel, and it's easy to receive a gift of fungal infection on the scrotum. For more details, see our article Subjective feelings here are intense itching and sometimes pain that comes from the affected area of the skin on the scrotum. sometimes it is possible to note the average course of treatment of a fungal infection on the scrotum may take up to two months. And the treatment it is important to follow certain rules. You will need to wear a roomy underwear, and the affected area. To keep the dryness in the affected area of the mycosis.

Once you can give good advice, which will help in maintaining dryness in the perineum and on the scrotum – the use of talcum, or a special powder only against fungus.

The treatment involved drugs for internal use, for example, fluconazole, the most common medication against athlete's foot. Externally used lotions of sodium and silver. In General, ideal fluconazole to treat nail fungus, but as a serious proteoliticeski drug, it is used to treat all types of fungal growth.

In addition, there will be prescribed medications to relieve inflammation in the groin area. If fungal growth did not lead to the appearance of sores and ulcers on the skin, use iodine to lubricate the affected area. However, it is impossible to overdo it as it can lead to skin burns. Here is a diagram of lubrication can be as follows: iodine is used twice a day for 7 days, then another 3 to 5 days on the affected area apply antifungal ointment.

If the inflammatory process has already gone far, the doctor prescribes the means for external use in the form of ointments with a high content of glucocorticoid substances and soda, which are designed to quickly enough to relieve the inflammation. Among these ointments include:

  • clotrimazole,
  • miconazole,
  • terbinafine.

Rules of treatment of fungus on the scrotum

During treatment, the patient was recommended to adhere to certain rules which depend on the result of treatment of fungus on the scrotum:

  • before applying on the affected area of the scrotum ointment, the skin and the affected and adjacent, healthy, thoroughly washed with soap and water.
  • Apply the ointment not only need well the area affected by fungal infection, but healthy skin, which will come into contact with the fungus.
  • The use of each drug should be carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions.
  • If a clear improvement in the treatment of mycosis does not occur for more than two weeks, you need to contact your doctor to revise the treatment plan.
  • During the course of daily treatment is necessary to change underwear as well as clothes and linen.
  • If you hit two sections on the scrotum that may not yet be in contact, should be treated absolutely all the destruction, otherwise, the fungus can easily spread on the skin surface.

Important! Recall that in the absence of treatment, the fungus, even with a great immune system, will be slowly but to grow, transforming into a chronic form, and in this state can gradually develop on the scrotum for several years.

And finally let us say a few words about prevention. You first need to review and continue to adhere to the normal rules of personal hygiene, to combat excessive sweating, and if it is a direct disease, it is necessary to take his medication.

In addition, you must maintain a high level of immunity and restore the metabolism in the body.