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Fungus on the toes: treatment of folk remedies

Athlete's foot fungus called fingers, which is called anthropophily fungus species Tinea pedum. The fungus settles in the folds of the fingers, and then begins to actively multiply in a moist warm environment.

People who are susceptible to the disease, it is, first and foremost, people with diabetes and metabolic disorders, and people with a weakened immune system and athletes.

At risk are those who wear closed shoes made from cheap synthetic materials.

Men are more susceptible to fungus Tinea pedum, rather than children or women.

Athlete's foot is a skin fungus of the toes, it is transmitted by contact with infected skin or with sharing shoes, towels and other personal items. The fungus is easily transmitted in public places such as the pool, sauna or bath.

The symptoms of mycosis

There are several signs that speak eloquently about the need to take urgent measures for the treatment of fungus of the toes. Initially begins with the destruction of the epidermis, meaning it peels off, as the fungus penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.

Then in the interdigital areas there are small bubbles, kind of like the head of a pin. Bubbles accumulate in the fluid and they burst, leaving painful cracks.

Another symptom is the spot on the nail, it can be white or yellowish. In the process of development of the fungus, the nails on the fingers grow turbid, and the thickness of the nail increases. In the middle stages of the fungus foul odor.

After the first signs of the disease, it is necessary to determine the choice of treatment. Fungus on the skin of the toes actively extended and eventually affects the whole foot.

The main forms of athlete's foot

Symptoms may be expressed differently depending on the shape of the fungus. The forms differ in the degree of severity, given the size of the infestation and characteristics of the discomfort.

  • Mild or erased form is the initial stage of the disease. The main symptoms are expressed in small cracks and slight peeling. The fungus at this stage must be subjected to treatment and quickly eliminated. Without preventive measures, the possibility of recurrence;
  • Squamous gipertroficescoy form is the following symptoms: intense itching, a white cover the interdigital spaces, burning and peeling;
  • Intertriginous form — appear on the skin swelling between the toes, these areas turn red and become wet. Typically affects the areas between the 3-4 and 4-5 fingers. The epidermis peels off, there is erosion, and deep painful cracks. The lesion is strictly delineated;
  • Disgidroticheskaya form has a set of vials with liquid, which are observed between the toes and on the foot. Peopleexperiencing intense itching, and erosion after opening of the bubbles ooze, the inflammation extends to the entire foot;

The fungus need to be treated with the slightest changes on the foot. The lighter form of the fungus, the more effective the treatment.

Treatment with traditional medicine

If the symptoms of the fungus are weak and no large lesions, it is possible to use traditional medicines, at least, the material is pre-heated butter. The mixture is applied to affected areas of the feet. Improvement will come after 7 days of treatment is 1 month.

If a person is sick with a fungus in summer, you can use the towering mountain ash leaves. They are crushed to a mushy consistency and applied on the affected areas as a compress. The procedure should be carried out 10 days.

Mixed the series, Daisy and violet in equal amounts, and then insist plant in a liter of boiling water. Gauze need to moisten the infusion and apply to affected areas.

If all of the above methods had no effect, it is necessary to turn to receive medication. The physician in this case treated immediately.

Drug treatment for fungus toes

Treatment begins when all infected objects are disinfected completely.

It is best to throw away the textiles, which previously had contact with the feet; bedroom Slippers is also better to remove from the housing, but in extreme cases it is possible to wash them in hot water with bleach or wipe the soles of fresh lemon juice.

Fungus on skin medicated way about 1 month. Among the popular methods is the use of ointments local action on the basis of miconazole (clotrimazole) and tolnaftate. Every two weeks you need to change the drug because the fungus gets used to it. The use of ointments can be continued beyond this date to minimize the occurrence of relapse.

The result provides a solution Burov. Cotton swabs soaked in solution and placed in the interdigital areas. Each session lasts 15 minutes. How to treat dry, sometimes treating the skin with lemon juice.

Treatment will always be successful if the human immune system is in normal condition. This will require a vitamin drink course and drink plenty of fruits and vegetables, juices and teas from herbs.

We must remember that the fungus goes under high temperatures, it occurs after 15 minutes. When boiling, it only takes 4 minutes to eliminate the fungus.

In cold weather the fungus can live and actively proliferate. Chlorine-containing chemicals to kill the mold spores – they are used in the processing of linen and personal hygiene items.