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Fungus on the tongue: signs and prevention of white patches

Fungus on the tongue is a disease caused by a fungal microorganisms Candida, so the phenomenon of skin lesions is also called by the term candidiasis.

Such fungi are contained in the body of almost all people, representing a part of the normal microflora. They can be in the intestines, internal parts of the genital organs, the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose. Meanwhile, the fungi do not manifest themselves for a long time and often people are not even aware of the presence in its body of such microorganisms.

In order that the fungus came out of the latent States is required some factors and circumstances, most of which lead to the decline and weakening of the immune defenses. Under these conditions, the fungus switches to the active phase and starts to reproduce.

Age the moments of the distribution

Candidiasis of the tongue occurs most commonly in children grudnichkovye age. Up to about twenty percent of children suffer from this disease, which is called thrush. However, the younger the child the easier and faster to get rid of infection caused by yeast fungi.

Including bacteria on the tongue can also appear in adults, about ten percent of people over 60 suffer from a fungal infection. It is most often associated with wearing dentures, which creates a favorable environment for reproduction of fungi. Also a fungal disease on the tongue are caused by a sharp decline in immunity and health deterioration.

Candidiasis on the tongue occurs usually in women and in male smokers. According to doctors, in recent years the tendency to growth of the disease, as modern medicine offers many preventive antiviral drugs, antibiotics and other drugs, and overdose which can cause significant harm to health, in particular, to the violation of the microflora balance and the decrease in immunity. However, often develops as a result of active reproduction of fungi form a cluster in the form of a whitish torontobased plaque in the form of white grains. In contact with him the remnants of food destroyed the epithelium and the bacteria Candida begin active growth.

Plaque takes the form of Molochnoye film or plaque. All foci of infection start to merge. This process is accompanied by the formation of white flakes and flakes are not only in the mouth but on the lip surface. Moreover, such a coating is formed and is, To the imidazoles include Clotrimazole, Econazole and Miconazole. These preparations are used 50-100 grams daily for one to three weeks, depending on the age and extent of disease.

To stop the growth of fungal infectionfunds are used against microbes and against parasites. It is recommended a strong drug fluconazole, which is used once a day, 200-400 milligrams.

Capsules Diflucan used times a day for 50-100 milligrams for one to two weeks. Nizoral is used for 200 milligrams, the treatment is carried out within two to three weeks. Dekumanova caramel dissolves every day for one-two pieces for two weeks.

To restore the immune system and creating defenses of the body recommended intake of vitamins b, C and PP. Also throughout the month to apply the calcium Gluconate that strengthens the body and eliminates the allergic reaction caused by fungus. To completely get rid of allergies is to use Fenkarol, Diphenhydramine, Pipolfen and Suprastin. To recover in the body the amount of iron used iron-containing compounds Conferon and Ferropleks.

To the body able to quickly deal with the fungal infection Candida is assigned vaccine. Also used for this purpose and Pentoxy Methyluracil, which helps to produce white blood cells and gamma globulin that will help to combat fungi.

Treatment candidiasis drugs local action

Local drugs have a therapeutic effect only to certain areas of the skin or mucous membrane, not soaked in blood. These drugs can stop the growth of fungi, remove redness, a burning sensation and to heal the wounds from the defeat of the fungal infection.

Local exposure is used fukortsin solution of brilliant green. With the help of Lugol's solution and Judiciary produce the application. Also as a bactericidal means the drug is used Lizak or absorbable pills Lysozyme. If the lesion has passed on the lips, use Levorinovuyu and Nystatin ointment.

As a therapeutic and prophylactic action is recommended a complete reorganization of your entire mouth, it will not only stop the growth of fungal infection, but will not allow it to spread to other areas. It is also necessary to regularly monitor the cleanliness of teeth and dentures, which are treated with antifungal agents.

Rinsing the mouth with a fungus on the tongue

For the treatment of fungal infections in the mouth apply the disinfectant and alkaline solution, which cleans the surface from raids, and remove the abundance of fungi, soothe itchy areas and heal small cracks, sores and other wounds.

For rinsing of the oral cavity using a 2% solution of borax (sodium tetraborate), 2% solution of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), 2% boric acid solution Iodinol with water. The treatment cavity is carried out every three to four hours, and rinse your mouth after eating, andbefore going to sleep. Procedure should be carried out within two weeks, thus earlier to stop rinsing is not necessary.

Diet when the fungus on the tongue

When the disease of the fungal infection you need to follow a special diet. Excessive consumption of foods, which include yeast disease can be activated.

From the intake of spicy and acidic foods is irritation of the mouth and affected by fungi surface of the tongue, which provokes the onset of pain and burning. In this regard, during illness it is important to use in food and semi-liquid food warm. Spices and acidic foods during this period is better not to use.

After curing the body from fungal infection adding products should be carried out gradually. Within three months it is advisable to give up foods that can re-induce this disease. This is a sweet fatty, foods, sparkling water, pastries, alcohol, mushrooms.