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Nail fungus in children: the treatment of a child 1-2 years and 3-5 years

The child's immune system in the process of formation subject to exposure to different pathogens, such as fungus. The child's body often is unable to cope with the impact and because of this, nail fungus, the child develops frequently and quickly. It is this disease, its causes and treatment and will discuss in the article.

In medicine the nail fungus has its own name – onychomycosis.

The reasons for the development of nail fungus

Nail fungus in a child called pathogenic spores of fungal growth and mycosis caused by the most common factors that the child faces in everyday life.

Let's define the most common points of infection:

  • Catching a nail fungus, a child can when walking barefoot, especially in public premises, this applies to kindergarten, public toilets, swimming pools, steam room, etc.
  • Nail fungus can be passed on to the baby if shoes, socks, stockings were not prosterilizovat after togas as they wore a strange child.
  • Often, the infection develops in one year old child due to the fact that his feet sweat a lot. The infection has an excellent ability to proliferate in neutral or slightly alkaline habitat.
  • Here we are confronted with the fact that the acidity decreases due to sweating.
  • The deformation of the nail plates on the feet of the child from impact or from wearing overly tight shoes the risk of infection and development of fungus grow. Reasons similar to those that it is immediately necessary to avoid any self-medication. Which only leads to the deterioration of the situation with mycosis. It is important to understand what varieties of mildew are many, and only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, and with it the accurate treatment to give.

    With regard to treatment, the scheme here can be different and they also depend on how quickly the diagnosis was made. Mainly used:

    Ointments and creams for external use. Part medications protivomikrobnye includes active components, for example, clotrimazole, and bifonazole.

    Along with this course of treatment may involve administration of drugs orally, for example, it can be various suspensions, capsules and tablets. By the way, in the first place which is poured 200 ml of boiling water. The decoction must be kept in a water bath for 30 minutes. Then the broth is poured into a basin of warm water.

    The child has 15-20 minutes to hold Gentiles in the water with the broth, and after the nails can further lubricate the decoction of calendula.

    In addition, we note that the treatment of nail fungus, the child can be ambulatory or stationary. It is important to stage the infection spread of the fungus. By itself, the treatment can take two to four months, and here time also directly. Dependthe severity of the disease.