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The foot fungus treatment: an effective treatments, folk remedies

Foot fungus, athlete's foot, is one of the most common diseases of the skin, which is due to exposure to various types of mycosis, fungi.

Mycosis of the foot is determined almost instantly dryness, flaking and itching skin on the foot, appearing and cracking. In addition, infected areas of skin turn red.

It is possible to underline that until the middle of last century the vast majority of the planet's inhabitants suffered from foot fungus, until then, had not yet been invented effective means protivodiabeticheskie drugs.

New means not just treating the symptoms and masked the symptoms and irritation, relieves itching, and completely relieved and relieve the patient from fungal infection.

Risk groups and factors of development

Primarily develops the athlete's foot in people with impaired immunity. In addition to the predisposing factors may be poor circulation in the feet, as well as the elderly. Together with athlete's foot, patients often there is a nail fungus, which is ailments "accompanying character", so to speak.

At risk is the percent that a long time wearing poor quality shoes, which also has an influence on the mycosis of the foot.

Often to bring a foot fungus are the following mushrooms:

  • Candida Albicans also causes candidiasis of the skin, which are the most common in the fairer sex.
  • Trichophyton Interdigitale, affects the skin of the interdigital folds on the legs and then spreads to the foot,
  • Trichophyton Mentagrophytes causes rubrofitii stop
  • Trichophyton Rubrum,can provoke in the further athlete's foot

Symptoms of foot fungus

Despite the relatively large number of different species of fungi, which can cause the development of athlete's foot, almost all of them manifestations rather similar.

Typically, the lesion begins with the interdigital folds and the original practically does not cause any unpleasant subjective sensations. In the result, the patient rarely give importance to the appearance of the fungus.

Gradually, the fungal infection begins to spread across the surface of the skin primarily affects those parts of skin which comes the maximum of the load during walking. Define the main symptoms of athlete's foot:

  • On the foot there is severe itching,
  • the skin between your toes starts to crack,
  • appears dry and peeling between the toes, which eventually perehodit on the entire surface of the foot,
  • the skin has an unhealthy sheen,
  • it can be noted thickening of the skin,
  • the affected areas of the feet change color, become red,
  • the skin bubbles up withliquid
  • the patient feels a constant intense burning sensation in the foot.

Classification of foot fungus

Erased form of the mycosis is characterized by the fact that the skin between the toes and on the sides starts to peel off. This form is always primary, and if you don't get foot fungus treatment, it becomes more serious.

Gipertroficescoy form are characterized by the fact that the skin begins to thicken and becomes infiltrating. You can watch the beginning mukovidnoe peeling in the folds of the skin, there are areas of keratinized skin, which is cracked. Along with this the patient experiences itching dryness and in extreme cases pain.

Intertriginous form — there are already experiencing deep lesions of the skin, redness and cracks begin to appear in the interdigital folds. Along with this comes the skin exfoliation, this form of athlete's foot are accompanied by extremely unpleasant pain. By the way, this form of the fungus responds to the question, corticosteroids help to reduce inflammation.

If we say that the skin on the feet strongly enough orahovica, here before applying topical antifungal medications will need to remove the keratinized part of the skin.

This is done to ensure that local funds could have an effective impact on the affected areas of the epidermis.

The thickening of the skin can be removed with salicylic vaseline 5-20 %. Worn vaseline on the foot in the morning and evening, 2 times a day and dead areas is then removed with a pumice stone.

Once the erosion and ulcer of the skin of the foot is fixed, you can start treatment protivodiabeticheskie drugs. Among them we can mention:

  • Lamisil Dermgel,
  • Lamisil cream
  • Lamisil spray.

At the core of these drugs is terbinafine, a component that is responsible for the destruction of the majority of known fungi that cause the defeat of the toenails and feet.

Lamisil cream or Dermgel is applied on the affected areas of the skin 3 times per day, it is necessary to RUB in a circular motion, and the treatment course is for two weeks. Also treated and the course lasts for 6 weeks, the dosage and duration of drug intake are entirely determined by the doctor depending on the patient's condition, the individual and neglect of athlete's foot. To adopt and count the course Lamizila tablets is not recommended.

Another drug used systemic antifungal agents – Itraconazole, the drug is available as capsules that are taken 1 time per day, the dosage is two capsules. The course lasts for 3 months and is appointed is mandatory onlydoctor.

Separately, we emphasize that if the local treatment of foot fungus can be taken almost independently, before beginning a course of treatment systemic drugs proteoliticheskaja properties, it is necessary to consult a doctor.