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Fungus in the mouth: how to treat fungus in mouth

Athlete's foot can affect not only the skin, but also in some cases be located on the mucous membranes. This primarily can be attributed to the appearance of the fungus in the mouth. Here mycotic lesion will look even more unsightly, but more importantly, it's an infection that must be treated from the first moment of detection.

What is the fungus in your mouth

Just specify that the fungus in the mouth, it is not that other, as a manifestation of the life of yeast, and they, in turn, lead to the formation of diseases such as thrush or candidiasis of the oral cavity.

The causative agent of these diseases in any case, is a fungus of the genus Candida albicans. Moreover, it is worth to emphasize that this type of yeast-like fungi does not have to be entered in the body, in fact yeast fungi are always present in the body women and men. In women they the Fungus lives in the mouth, vagina, intestines, and is the most common part of the microflora of the body, however this continues until the body is fine, he is healthy and is under strong immune protection.

As soon as the immunity drops, waning, instantly appear factors that trigger the process of mass reproduction of fungi. Turning a critical mass, the fungus begins to manifest itself in the form in which we are already seeing.

The reasons for the development of the fungus in the mouth

Let's look at why yeast fungus can get out of your a kind of hibernation and begin to multiply powerfully. For this, as the factors of external and internal problems of the body associated with various diseases:

  • Overreliance on antibiotics and their uncontrolled reception. This is one of the main reasons, as with the fight against a specific disease, the antibiotics and seriously weaken the immune system.
  • The disease, especially infectious nature. This type of condition always leads to a decrease in protective functions of the organism, and as a consequence the reproduction of the fungus.
  • Dysbacteriosis. The disease can cause the growth of yeast fungus.
  • An important role in the spread of the fungus in the oral cavity in humans plays the most basic hygiene. Failure to follow basic and simple rules leads to the fact that yeast fungus starts to grow great and fill the cavity.
  • Another reason could be the presence of a foreign body in the mouth. In this case we are talking about the fact that a patient may have dentures. Such a foreign body, regardless of how well produced it still violates the integrity of the mucosa.
  • Bad food and poor quality water also contribute to the growth and reproduction of the fungus.
  • That is interesting, but also the environment, bad environment,easily able to have a negative impact on the immune system and mucous membranes.

We can add that oral cavity. And if the mucous membrane is seen white patches or tvaroskova plaque is the main feature of the development of the fungus.

Together with a white coating in the mouth can develop sores. Sometimes, especially with stomatitis, they become quite painful. There is a strong and unpleasant breath.


As regards the treatment of fungus in your mouth, you first need to go to the dentist, who will confirm diagnosis and prescribe antibiotic treatment.

It is important to emphasize that the self-treatment of fungus in your mouth is fraught with complications that result in General intoxication of the organism. For all their seemingly harmless, the fungus is always a sufficiently serious danger.

In addition, we recall once more that the treatment should be completely finished. That is, the course prescribed by a doctor, must not be interrupted at the first signs of recovery. Be sure that the treatment of mycosis will be ineffective. If it is dysbiosis provokes the growth of the fungus, without its removal it will be impossible to remove the fungal growth.

In principle, restore the normal state of intestinal microflora today is quite easy given the large number of drugs, which are bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

It is these bacteria the most positive influence on the intestinal flora, resulting in a normal, healthy condition.


As for the drugs, which can be used in the treatment of fungus in the mouth, it is primarily protivodiabeticheskie funds. Takovym include:

  • fluconazole,
  • Itraconazole,
  • ketoconazole.

The most popular and common remains the drug fluconazole, which is sold without a prescription, and is necessary to take it 100 mg per day. However, the dosage and frequency should be developed by a physician, after he has fully studied the condition of the mouth and the fungus.

Unconventional treatment

Turning to unconventional treatment. You can immediately remind you about the garlic, how about the most effective product. Exactly garlic has exceptional anti-fungal properties.

It is used in the following recipe:

  1. Single garlic cloves are crushed.
  2. Pressed all the juice out.
  3. Juice to get a divorce half a glass of water.
  4. The resulting liquid is used for rinsing the oral cavity.

A great tool seems to the infusion of chamomile, this plant has excellent antiseptic properties. You can rinse your mouth and aloe Vera juice. Along with this it is useful to know that offers traditional medicine inthe treatment of fungus.

During the treatment have a special diet, exclude from the diet food salty, crunchy, and hot. In General, anything that can damage the mucosa, to hurt her. Will have to move to consumption of soft foods, i.e. mashed potatoes, soups creams.


Prevention to prevent development of fungus in the mouth always consists of two main points:

  • Support normal immunity.
  • Support oral health.

In fact, the combination of these two factors is enough. To prevent the development of yeast-like fungi in the oral cavity, of course, if the reason is not the disease of the internal organs.