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How to cure nail fungus on hands: a review of drugs

Fungi that occur on the skin of hands and nails represent an infectious disease and may be in contact with an infected person is the most common cause of infection, but not the only.

In reality, it can be transmitted in any location where there is a favorable environment for reproduction of fungi. Habitat is the place with high humidity, protected from sunlight where the temperature does not exceed 75 degrees.

In the first place is any bath, sauna, swimming pool, plus beaches, which created perfect conditions for the spread of the fungus. Similarly, After treatment in a medical facility experts will conduct in the laboratory analysis of a piece of the nail plate for the presence of the fungus. After ascertaining an accurate diagnosis, the doctor will be the right course of treatment for the disease.

There is a perception that the fungus appeared on the hands cannot be cured, but it is not. Indeed, a fungal disease, if it occurs, it is difficult to cure in a short time is repeated. This is a very effective way of getting rid of a fungal infection, and 95 percent of cases there is a complete cure.

Including assigned ointments, creams and solutions for the treatment of the skin surface. It is recommended the use of special patches that allow exfoliation of the affected layers. Often people resort to folk remedies.

From ointments and creams well help preparations on the basis of:

  • terbinafine,
  • of fluconazole,
  • ketoconazole,
  • intranasal,
  • griseofulvin.

So the drug remained on the surface of your nails, apply special medical adhesives for nail plates. The most famous and effective are considered lucky and Loceryl Batrafen. Before treated with lacquer to the nail surface, it is necessary to steam in a water bath hands to remove with a nail file or clippers the affected areas of your nails and apply a layer of varnish treatment.

At the moment of appearance of the disease the nail fungus very well help special patches otslaivanie effect. As you can see, drugs are used from those other than to treat foot fungus, for example.

The structure of the plaster consists of antiseptic, fungicide, salicylic acid and urea. Using well softened nail and the affected area of the nail plate can be easily removed.

To the patches stay longer on the nails, it is bonded with a conventional adhesive to the fingers and leave for three days. After the procedure of manicure is repeated. For complete cure from nail fungus, you may need five to six months.