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Photos and treatment of fungus on the skin of the penis

Fungal infections are quite often affect the male body and also often the fungus may be localized on the penis, photos of such lesions are dramatic enough. To be infected with fungal disease not only through sexual contact but also through contact with household items, it can be someone else's towel or someone else's washcloth.

Tends to fungus on the penis in the moment when the athlete begins to proliferate actively, and primarily behave in a yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida.

However, the active reproduction of fungi is not happening by itself. This requires some defining factors, the main of which is a drop in immunity. In General, the penis can accommodate various fungal diseases, and they provoke different problems with different symptoms.

Naturally, with the appearance of the first signs and symptoms will need to pass the examination and receive appropriate treatment. You can also note that to engage in self-treatment of fungus on the penis, in any case is not recommended, as it can only complicate the process of therapy and lead to the fact that the fungal infection goes into a chronic form of the disease.

The reasons for the development of the fungus

As we have said, one of the main factors that lead to the activation of the fungus, is the falling of human immunity. Once the body's defenses begin to weaken, mycosis enters a phase of active reproduction. But the reason of falling of immunity may be different. For example:

  • illness earlier,
  • any chronic disease
  • taking certain antibiotics,
  • stress and depression, nervous condition,
  • heavy physical labor.

Another fundamental moment for the development of fungal diseases on the surface of the penis is ignoring the rules of personal hygiene, here and photos do not need to determine the degree of neglect of personal hygiene.

In addition, a predisposing factor of active development of fungal diseases are problems with metabolism, primarily it concerns the patients with diabetes and patients with any hormonal disorders.

Signs of fungus

The first is to pay attention to the appearance of redness of the foreskin and the penis head. This immediately suggests that the patient begins to develop a fungal disease. Along with this, it is possible to note the appearance of a cheesy plaque, and severe itching and burning, can appear pain during urination and during sexual intercourse, in some cases, the urethra may allocate an unpleasant smell.

Since effective treatment of the fungus depends on the precisethe diagnosis of self-decision can be forgotten, even with a large number of photos of the fungus. You need to contact the doctor to get an accurate diagnosis, establish the type of infection and only then to start treatment. The fact that there are several types of fungal infections that have almost identical symptoms. Accordingly, it often happens that the patient, who decided to deal with the fungus generally has no therapeutic effects on the disease, and wrongly diagnose.

The main diagnostic method in this situation is a smear from the urinary canal, and a scraping from the skin of the penis. Some types of fungal infections can be resistant to certain types of antibiotics, and successful treatment requires not only accurate diagnosis, but also the exact choice of drugs.

Here again, it is worth saying that, as specific drugs and specific dosages, and the duration of the course is calculated by the physician based on an accurate diagnosis and individual characteristics of the patient.

The most common fungi on the genitals

Despite the large number of different fungal infections, the male genitals are subjected mainly to several fungal infections.

First, it is a candidiasis or as it is called – thrush. The infection occurs in the majority of cases via unprotected sexual intercourse. Propagated yeast infection because of lack of hygiene, and in the fall of immunity. In more detail a disease described in our material — plaque. If the patient is diagnosed with candidal balanoposthitis, the treatment must go through as he and his sexual partner. Complication of balanoposthitis can occur in the form of phimosis, and erysipelatous inflammation of the penis.

Often on the penis "bloom" athlete. The most predisposing factor for the development of this fungus is to work in conditions of high humidity and temperature. So this kind of fungus so common in countries with warm and humid climate. The main symptoms are traditionally itching, burning, redness and small spots around the shaft of the penis. sometimes Also it is impossible to prevent excessive moisture in the genital area, it is prohibited to use someone else's bath accessories and underwear.

Casual sex should be kept to a minimum, use barrier contraception products, but they are not always able to fully protect against fungal infection.

However, following these simple guidelines helps to minimize the risk of infection with a fungus.


As we said above, the use of any medicaldrugs in the treatment of the fungus can be started only after consultation with your doctor. To fight the fungal infection the use of antibiotics, and various antifungal drugs.

One of the most widely used means remains fluconazole and him imidazole. Based on it is some protivodiabeticheskie creams, such as Ketoconazole and Clotrimazole".

If you need antibiotics, they are appointed strictly individually and that the doctor as a kind of antibiotic, and duration of their admission. Any side effects should be reported to your doctor.