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Shoes treatment of the fungus: decontaminate shoes and boots

What to handle shoes from fungus? How to perform this at home? Our paper will answer the questions accurately and fully illuminate them.

Why do you need to treat Shoe fungus? The answer is simple: this treatment is necessary to disinfect shoes from disputes during treatment of nail fungus either in the process of treatment of the foot to prevent recurrence.

Antifungal treatment of the shoes is especially actual for inhabitants of large cities and in recent times. In Metropolitan areas the population is growing at a very rapid pace, in terms of the density of infection with foot fungus or nail is instantaneous.

We come home and right after the street my hands, however, in society it is not customary to wash the feet with shoes. And in vain, it instantly reduced the percentage of problems that are caused by fungus on the feet.

What is hidden behind the processing of footwear from the mold

Only some of the inhabitants of large cities treat their shoes from fungus. However, to perform this procedure is really necessary, as the fungus spores are transmitted not only shoes, but even when shaking hands.

If the person is not used as a preventive measure to handle your shoes from fungus, yet sooner or later he will appear. Of course, you can rely that it is impractical and just plain stupid.

Each of us have a lot of favorite and not cheap shoes that we wear in different situations: winter warm boots, winter boots, comfortable shoes, and expensive dress shoes. It all disposed of in a landfill is an unnecessary luxury.

To protect yourself from athlete's foot, nail mycosis, for example, do not need to exert Herculean efforts. Enough to make the decision to start prevention of the fungus for themselves and family by using treatment of footwear from mycotic spores.

Methods of treatment of footwear

Here is an interesting moments. the rules which relate to the treatment of footwear:

  1. First, note that for a successful fight against fungus, you need to create the environment where spores of the microorganism will die.
  2. As a rule, destructive mycosis operates in an acidic environment, so e its creation can and should strive for when handling the Shoe.
  3. But balusters: stone is an antiseptic that is indicated for high sweating. However, for antifungal treatment drug to use is not worth it. Long known that formaldehyde is a strong carcinogen that causes significant harm to the human body.

    Recipe 3 with a disinfecting composition Alumina or analogue

    Shoes can be treated from the fungus even with the use of special disinfectants, e.g. Alumina. The company producing the drug is misleading about their product as the product with a wide scope, whichfights viruses, bacteria and spores of fungi.

    Alumina should be diluted in water of ratio 1:100 (1% solution). The resulting liquid is poured into the shoes and insole separately soaked in the solution. The solution should be in contact with shoes and insoles are not very long.

    Further, the shoes should dry for one and a half hours at room temperature. Then it is rinsed several times with water and dried completely. such opponents.

    Our view: the dryer must be purchased, because the humidity in the shoes – perfect conditions for development of fungal spores. It would be better if along with the dryer will be used and other methods of destruction of the fungus in the shoes.

    Recipe 5 mikoshiba

    And finally, I will mention one more remedy for fungus in shoes. We will focus on the drug Mycostop. Mycostop is the spray you need to spray inside the Shoe by leaving it for the night. Close shoes in the package is not required, need for ventilation and no.

    Mycostop kills fungus, spores, deodorize the shoes. Currently mycostop and similar tools are the most effective solution to the problem of the fungus in the shoes. Note that the drugs are easy to use, they easily handled any footwear.