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Fungus in the groin: than to treat the groin area in men and women (review ointments)

Crotch fungus, or as it is called Jock itch, is one kind of fungi, but several. Primarily responsible for the disease become mushrooms families Microsporum, Trichophyton, Epidermophyton.

Most often, this flexible can be found in males. This development is directly linked to a more active lifestyle men, and it is frequent exercise, accompanied by profuse sweating. Here you can write and often visiting bathhouses, saunas, gyms. All of these factors are contributing to the spread of fungus as athlete's foot provide ideal conditions for the habitat.

In such an environment and condition the fungus can arrive in a viable state for many years, to include failure to follow simple rules of personal hygiene, and it turns out that the fungus easily in contact with a steamed and wet skin.

There are options for fungus infection of the inguinal and conditions of hospital.

As for women, they have inguinal fungus such as ringworm is extremely rare, and if he is diagnosed, as part of a mixed infection, and not just as a separate disease.

For example, athlete's foot, together with yeast-like fungi of the Candida family is the most common variant of combined lesions of the female groin fungus. in this respect, the Most typical and common locations of the inguinal fungus – inguinal folds, the skin between the buttocks, the skin under the Breasts in women, men have skin in the region of the scrotum.

The primary lesion is recorded by a fungus in the groin area, which is not strange, considering even the name of this type of mycosis, but in the future, in the absence of adequate treatment, athlete's foot can spread to the abdomen, inner thighs, to reach the popliteal cups. There are rare cases when the fungus covers almost the entire surface of the body, down to the scalp.

In men the primary lesion begins in the scrotum. However, the danger of just such a beginning marked by the disease for a long time remained unnoticed, so it can often be attributed simply to the heat rash or irritation from underwear. Over time, the inguinal fungus continues to develop and goes into the groin and inner thighs. Thus, for men characteristic of simultaneous failure and the groin area and feet.

The symptoms of inguinal fungus

The symptoms of inguinal fungus is quite typical and not difficult to notice them. We refer to the manifestations of the following:

  • Appear on the skin round spots with clearly defined edges.
  • Depending on the stage of spots they are distributed in colour from pale pink to dark brown.
  • Some spots are raisedthe surface of the skin.
  • Can note a clear tendency of the annular peripheral growth and merging of spots. Merging, the spots form a clear pattern that can also be attributed to the characteristic symptom, namely the inguinal fungus.
  • The margins are covered in a variety of rashes. Moreover, it can be as vesicles and pustules, or erosions, which after opening the result in severe itching. Note that the process of birth and healing bubbles are not uniform, to receive, in the Central part it is already possible to diagnose healing of the rash, and on the periphery they are just starting to pour.
  • Note the fact that the affected area even without overt erosions can cause the strongest itch. As a result, the patient starts combing the place of itching and only aggravates the disease, as it opens access to the connected infections. The fungus enters the stage weeping rash, and start are proven drugs that have a complex effect, antiseptic, a drying, antipruritic, fungistatic and fungicidal. These requirements fully meets Terbinafine and its generics are cheaper, but equally effective equivalent) Termikon.

    Conveniently, the drug is available in the form of a spray, and this simplifies its use. For example, ointments can often roll in skin folds, forming a kind of greenhouse effect, and it tends to slow down healing.

    You can also use lotions with:

    • Resorcinol;
    • Chlorhexidine;
    • Potassium permanganate;
    • Furacilinum;
    • The last time;
    • The ethacridine.

    The bubbles need not burst alone, they can be pricked with a needle, after which the puncture site is smeared with iodine, brilliant green, fukortsin. You can use some ointments that are applied to the surface of the damaged skin:

    • Tar, boric-tar;
    • Sulfur;
    • Salicylic;
    • Lamisil;
    • Naftifin;
    • Oxiconazole;
    • Ketoconazole.

    Almost any proteoliticeski it is recommended to use every 7-10 days. This approach is due to the fact that the fungus can get used to the drug and quickly develop your own immunity to the active substances.

    If the case of fungus still is not complicated, the treatment can last for a half to two months. Here you can recall part of the mix. For example, one of the interesting recipes offers a mix tar in equal proportions with the melted fat and blend obtained by mixing the affected skin.

    Another interesting recipe involves the use of a poultice of tar, castor oil and egg white. All components in equal amounts are mixed, and the mixtureapplied overnight on the affected area of the skin.

    However, we emphasize that prolonged use of only one tar can cause allergies, and it is an affected area, which will further aggravate the subjective sensations and prolong treatment.

    In any case, traditional recipes can be used in combination with the main treatment, which was developed by a physician based on an accurate diagnosis.