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Pulse therapy for nail fungus: feedback about the treatment

Fungal nail disease is an extremely unpleasant problem that may eventually completely destroy the nail plate. Treatments of nail fungus is quite a lot, it can be as traditional medicine and a large Arsenal of different people's methods. But today we will talk about the so-called pulse therapy is an interesting method that offers a new approach in the treatment of nail fungus.

Note that the method begins to be used more widely in the treatment of fungal problems, and he, as any treatment has its advantages and disadvantages.

Modern tools and cons of treatment

Modern means that are used by dermatologists in the treatment of fungal diseases, allow almost 100% of cases completely get rid of the fungus and destroy it, preventing the recurrence.

And here it is necessary to note separately that as soon as in medicine, the time has come for synthetic drugs, and treatment has reached a new and, no doubt, more qualitative level.

However, the new generation of drugs, such as griseofulvin, ketoconazole, terbinafine, Itraconazole their counterparts, there are always a large number and side effects that must be considered before you assign or accept.

On the other hand, these drugs are excellent indicators of the overall effectiveness of treatment, and they do an excellent job with the fungus, even in chronic or rather running form.

For example, in order to successfully carry out the treatment of onychomycosis of the running would take several months, during which the patient will take a modern, but highly toxic drugs. This course will be required if the fungus has already struck a few nails and affected skin. With such a massive medication is likely a strong blow to the liver, and weakened immunity, which always happens.

And here comes into play our theme is pulse therapy, which was specifically designed for the reception of some "heavy" drugs. The original scheme must first and foremost not just to successfully deal with the manifestation of the fungus, but also to minimize the damage that is applied to the body synthetic medications.

The name of this method, as we have said, received the pulse therapy, but, interestingly, it can be used not only in the treatment of fungal infections.

Features of pulse therapy in the treatment of

The main feature of the pulse therapy is the administration of drugs. If the standard treatment the patient just for a long time regularly takes prescribed medication, in the method of pulse therapy, the reception is distributed somewhat differently.

Here, the medication is designed for short courses, betweenwhich is bound to have a long break. The reception circuit can be determined as follows:

  • One week – medication in large quantity.
  • Three weeks break, which allows the drug to render a therapeutic effect on the fungus, and to recover the body.

Important! We emphasize again that in this approach, the doctor prescribes drugs 2-3 times more than conventional treatment, and this dosage should not be accepted more than one week.

I could also mention the main drugs that are used successfully in these short and powerful courses:

  • Itraconazole (Orungal),
  • terbinafine (terbisil, lamisil),
  • fluconazole(diflucan).

Advantages of the method of pulse therapy

First and foremost, it can be noted that the main advantage of the method of treatment of nail fungus that the body is much better, and most importantly, painlessly tolerate short courses of admission. This is despite the fact that over the course of the drug dosage increased several times.

With regard to the time of the break, then a long "downtime" allow the patient to reduce the toxic effects. In other words, the body is resting and gaining strength. By the way, the same principle works in bodybuilding, so we can say that the method is not only used in treatment.

With regard to the therapeutic effect, it is due to the impact of active substances of the drugs taken, and the fact that during rest the body, calm the active substances accumulate in the tissues of the nail and surrounding skin, and this may be the Case that the methodology is designed using quality and expensive drugs.

It should be emphasized that the Russian manufacturer is still not at a high level of foreign colleagues in the production protivodiabeticheskih funds, these and due to the high price of courses, no matter it is a yeast fungus or moldy.

However, gradually appearing and domestic funds on the basis of Western development, so we can expect that the prices for the courses of pulse therapy will decrease.

The scheme of using certain drugs

Below we present one of the schemes of treatment:

  • Orungal, Itraconazole. Course for 1 week, daily dose – 400 mg For nail fungus of the hands of two month course for feet – 4 months.
  • Lamisil, Terbinafine. Course for 1 week, daily dose – 500 mg For nail fungus of the hands of two month course for feet – 4 months.
  • Diflucan, Fluconazole. Course for 1 week, daily dose – 150 mg For nail fungus of the hands arpaia — 4 months course for feet – 9-12 months.