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Fungus in the ear: how to treat ear fungus folk remedies

Ear fungus, also called nomikos, is a fairly common fungal disease. It is the fungus in the ear can be regarded as extremely dangerous fungal infections, as it is capable of hitting internal organs. First and foremost is the ENT organs, larynx, mouth, ear, throat.

Ear fungus in humans can be divided into several types:

  1. Musty
  2. Yeast
  3. Especially pathogenic

The reasons for the development

Modern medicine considers some of the causes and factors that lead to the emergence and development of fungal infection in ear:

  • A weak immune system. The decline in immune function may be associated with prolonged illness, especially chronic, but it could be from stress or prolonged emotional stress.
  • Trauma of the ear canal. Thus, if we ignore the treatment of fungus external auditory canal, the infection begins to quietly spread to the middle ear.
  • Diseases of the outer ear, most of them negatively and provoke the development of mycosis disease of purulent character.
  • The long-term effects or are not controlled drugs are particularly dangerous given the antibiotics and hormone drugs sense.
  • The ingress of water into the outer ear of the public places have pool or pond, just by the way, the Ear fungus is easy to diagnose because it manifests symptoms that just identifitseerida. In the first place, the fungal infection causes the patient's discharge from the ears unnatural color. For example, selection may be white, black, green and yellow colors, and each color depends on the type of athlete's foot.

    Patient exhibits permanent ear plugs and hard crust, which are represented by earwax. All this leads to the fact that there is congestion in the ears and sensation of constant noise.

    The ear starts to bother a person's constant pain, plus you may experience headaches from the affected by fungal infection of the ear canal.

    From the side of the affected ear there is a reduction of sensitivity and decline of hearing.

    Sometimes diagnosed slight dizziness and itching in the ear canal.

    As can be seen from the description of the clinical picture, the symptoms of fungal infection ear canal have such pronounced characteristics that a correct diagnosis will not be difficult only one description and at home.

    However, such simple diagnostics not imply the correct treatment without consulting a doctor. Only ENT should develop a treatment plan ear fungus, which is Recommended along with a course of treatment and a course of vitamin therapy, as well as taking antihistamines. This approach will allowto eliminate the risk of Allergy in the background of the mycosis.

    In order for each of the proposed regimens has been successful, it is necessary to pay great attention to the hygiene of the ears. To clean the ear can be used as the regular water and solutions of glycerol of tannin, retzina.

    Further treatment is prescribed by a doctor depending on what kind of fungus develops at the ear passage.

    If we are talking about mold fungus, then it uses the following medications:

    1. "Itraconazole",
    2. "Terbinafine",
    3. "Naftifin",
    4. "The last time".

    If the yeast fungus refers to the mind, then the therapy uses a "Econazole", "Clotrimazole", "Pimafucin". we note separately That is interesting, but conservative medicine is quite loyal to the fact that you can combine pharmaceuticals and traditional medicines. This combination helps to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

    One of the most simple but effective traditional medicine the remaining drops of juice of celandine. suitable for the removal of warts, sometimes the solution is to add the cherries. Once the broth is completely cooled, it needs to drain and dig several times a day.

    Not less than a positive element in the treatment of athlete's foot is the prescription of straw pressed the bow, sometimes they combine with drops of garlic. Next, 5 drops instilled in the ear at night. However, in this recipe there is a negative side, you can't drip the onion juice, as it can damage the auditory canal.