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Ointment is the best and safe method in the treatment of furuncle

The appearance on the skin of the boil – the phenomenon unpleasant, not only from the aesthetic side. The boil is able to deliver a lot of inconvenience to the person, so it is possible and necessary to fight on their own or to seek qualified help in dermatological clinic. To cope with a boil at any stage will help the ointment for boils. It is desirable that its composition was supplemented with an antibiotic, then the efficiency will increase significantly, and the risk of spreading purulent infection will be reduced to zero.

The causes of pus formation on the skin

The place of the boil is always hair follicle, exactly in the cavity starts the pathogenic process.

Способы лечения фурункулезных образований

Complex large deep boils that cause pain, but not erupt on their own, have indications for autopsy. It is not recommended to puncture the boil yourself. At home there is no possibility to obtain sufficient sterility, which means you can not only get rid of the ulcer, but also to contribute to its spread.

Local treatment should be mandatory, previously you need to choose a ointment which helps with boils. Ointments are sucking and antiseptic action, which is better to use in the first stages before the maturation of boils, and antibiotic – effective after spontaneous opening of the abscess. Antibiotic ointments, and antibiotics in pill form, it is impossible to assign themselves.

Review ointments that help in treating pustular formations

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  1. The most common and reliable is the ointment Vishnevsky. It is made on the basis of natural components, when applied to the affected area, forms a resistant film. The action is based on local tissue irritation, causing the blood flow to the area of skin, acceleration of metabolic processes. Promotes the maturation of the abscess, a breakthrough, a healing scar. The ointment does not contain in its composition of antibiotics, and therefore apply in the initial stages until the break of abscess or small boils, no risk of damage of other tissues.
  2. Cheap and effective is Ichthyol ointment, it possesses disinfectant, antiseptic. Widely used in the treatment of various diseases and skin lesions. In the preparation of ointments involved sulfuric acid, due to which she has a sharp odor. Ichthyol ointment is used for boils at a different stage, butthe most effective to release the pus. Applied and secured with tape. Compress this requires regular shift and long exposure, at least 2-3 hours.
  3. After opening the education you need to carefully remove pus, wash with antiseptic solutions on the basis of medicinal herbs, then apply the bandage with one of the ointments containing antibiotics. The most common and cheapest is tetracycline ointment. The basis of ointment – a broad spectrum antibiotic, effective against pathogenic strains of Staphylococcus aureus, which is the causative agent of the purulent infection in the boils.
  4. Heparin ointment applied to affected area, promotes vasodilation at the site of application for best absorption of the components of the ointment. In an ointment composition includes an anesthetic component, antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.
  5. Another ointment, which includes an antibiotic called "Baktroban". It is made on the basis of mupirocin and auxiliary components. This antibiotic is aimed at staphylococci, so "Baktroban" — the ointment is most effective against purulent boils. Ointment applied on the affected area and secured with a bandage or plaster. Feature of drug is its use in children.
  6. A modern tool that will help you effectively fight infection, causing boils, is powder Baneuoqin". It is composed of two antibiotics: one broad-spectrum, second – against Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.

Throughout the period of treatment of boils it is necessary to observe personal hygiene, to process antiseptic solutions affected area and hands before touching him.