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How to cure an abscess on his leg drugs?

Acute inflammation in the hair follicle and nearby tissue sometimes lead to the formation of boils on the body. The role of the pathogen is the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and other pyogenic organisms. The furuncle on the leg can occur almost anywhere, except the feet. Mostly ulcers are formed where the skin is most closely in contact with the clothes.

Causes of ulcers on the leg

If your body had a boil, it provoked a pathological environment which has a beneficial effect on the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus can remain on the skin for a very long time without causing any purulent inflammations as long as they will have created the conditions.

Лечение медикаментозными средствами

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Treatment of ulcers in children

    • Prevention of the appearance of ulcers on the legs

      To prevent the appearance of an ulcer (abscess) on my leg you must follow a few simple guidelines:

      1. If the damage is holistic covering of the skin immediately try to disinfect the problem areas with the help of medications.
      2. After bathing, slather the feet with a moisturizing cream.
      3. In order to avoid abscess on his leg gently try to trim the toenails with the help of special scissors. If, after all, damaged skin around the nail — treat it with the peroxide, brilliant green or alcohol.
      4. Vitamins and immune support is the most useful and preferred method of preventing the appearance of an abscess on his leg.


      After healing of ulcer parents need to carefully wash all the clothes of the child, with whom he had contact.