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What if on the chest appeared the boil?

Boil on the breast has the same nature of education, and inflammation in other parts of the body such as the head or the back. This is a purulent skin disease, which takes its development in the hair follicles or sebaceous glands. The people this "sore" is called a boil.

Народные средства

Baked onions – a proven and effective remedy for boils on the chest. But applying it to the chest should take precautions to avoid damage to surrounding tissue. You need to take a medium onion and bake it in the oven. Before you attach it to the boil on the breast, it is necessary to lubricate the area of inflammation vegetable oil, healthy skin next to the boil to cover the cotton cloth. Keep the onion on the abscess three times a day before opening the abscess.

Prohibited actions for boils on the chest

  1. Appeared on chest redness and hardening can not be treated with coloring solutions of the type of green stuff, iodine, fukortsin, etc. That further complicate diagnosis, as the doctor will be difficult to determine the true size of the seal. Besides the abrasions on the chest is often confused with hidradenitis (inflammation of sweat glands). So the doctor needs to see a clean chest.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze out the pus, even if it seems that the boil is ripe. It is also impossible to open the abscess with a needle or other sharp object treated with alcohol. The wound could get another infection, such as anaerobic or non-clostridial, which is resistant to the home methods of disinfection.
  3. If the boil came to light independently, it is impossible to keep the lesion open. It is necessary to close the wound with sterile cloth or an antibacterial band-aid.
  4. In any case, you can't take antibiotics without a prescription. In the best case it will end the dysbiosis in the worst – severe complications.
  5. Self-medication is prohibited when multiple boils (carbuncles), localized in one area of the breast. We can say with absolute certainty that with the given pathology at home can not cope.
  6. Revealed the boil can not be wetted, ie, to take a bath or shower is prohibited.
  7. If the patient refers to the decreed group (employee education, nutrition, medicine), it is strictly prohibited to enter the workplace in the presence of ulcers on any part of the body, including the chest. You need to be on sick leave until full recovery.
  8. No need to wait for a long time (3-4 days), when the boil ripens or resolve. In protracted maturation of the possible development of an abscess or cellulitis. Therefore, the boil should be treated as soon as possible.
  9. In the treatment of boils cannot beto use ointments with expired.

The area of the breast has a good blood supply close to the nerve and large vessels, therefore appeared boils can be very dangerous. And if a woman is lactating mother, the risk of infecting the baby a dangerous infection.