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The symptoms and treatment of boils in the ears

Some people faced with this unpleasant disease, as a boil in the ear. It is a very painful inflammation of the hair follicles with purulent accumulations, sometimes accompanied by an increase in temperature.

Стационарное лечение

The appearance of ear big ulcer doctors can offer patients the hospitalization in which the will be applied a hot compress and conducted washing with hydrogen peroxide, also used Dimexidum and ointment Vishnevskogo. Even in stationary conditions for surgical intervention is resorted to very rarely, but sometimes it is not enough.

At the elevated temperature experts prescribe the means for its reduction, combining them with vitamins and Immunostimulants.

Home treatment

    • What not to do?

      Some people try to treat boils at home, sometimes doing very dangerous things. For example, if the boils are strictly prohibited to use douching to in the ear is not exposed to water. Thus, from shampooing and bathing should be abandoned to the disappearance of the abscess.


      It is impossible in any case to squeeze or pierce a boil. He has fully ripen and burst.

      The wrong treatment promotes the appearance of carbuncles, thrombophlebitis and sepsis, therefore, to promptly get rid of the ulcer it is better to consult a specialist. Carbuncles cause damage to subcutaneous tissues, which are very hard to treat, and leave scars. Thus, to treat a boil is necessary with all responsibility.