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Remove the pus from the boil

Boils – a problem familiar to almost everyone. These small but extremely unsightly and painful education can bring a lot of trouble. When the body forms a boil first, of course, you want to get rid of it. But how to do it so as not to hurt yourself?

Удаление гноя и дальнейшие действия

However, to differentiate atheroma from the boil. First, it is often more convex and has more precise hemispherical shape. Second, the contents of her looks very different. Boil leaves of pale green pus, and atheroma – yellowish-white fatty mass with a small admixture of pus and blood. Sometimes this mass is so thick that comes out and sits in the wound in a dense clump.

In any case, the differential diagnosis is better to trust the doctor, as well as the treatment of the broken neoplasms, the nature of which you do not quite understand.

Once you successfully dealt with the hated boil, you should think about how to protect themselves from further appearance of these intruders. And make it pretty easy. We need only to observe elementary rules of personal hygiene, eat right, avoid hypothermia, take vitamins and time to disinfect even minor scratches. Rest assured – it's much easier than to cure an already existing boil.

Ointment to pull pus

    • Some popular recipes

      Simple and effective drawing salve for boils can be prepared on the basis of beeswax and butter in a ratio of 1:4. Next, you heat the mixture to melting the wax and mix it with oil. The cooled mass is applied to an inflamed boil as ointments.

      Another folk recipe. Mix equal proportions of fresh honey and flour, make this a homogeneous mass and apply to the boil for a few hours.