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An ointment for ganglion cyst – how to choose and effectively cure lump?

Treatment hygroma is a set of measures which allow to eliminate benign neoplasm in any organ, regardless of location. Is more to consider some ways to treat bumps, especially ointments. Their small number today, and not all of them can effectively deal with the problem.

How to recognize a ganglion cyst of the hand

  1. On the skin of the hand (or other body part) there is a small seal, like a lump, but soft and supple to the touch.
  2. The appearance of hygroma accompanied by a "dull" pain in the wrist.
  3. The skin over the tumor becomes coarse and shershavoy.
  4. With the development of vospitatelnoe process, a ganglion cyst can grow quickly in size.
  5. The newly formed hygroma may have an impact on the nerve endings and blood vessels, causing sensitivity otdelnyh s skin can greatly reduced, or, on the contrary, will increase.

More information about the causes of this disease can be found

Treatment hygroma folk ointments

It is believed that the fight against ganglion cyst with ointments is an effective method, which is not only painless, but also can guarantee good results. With the help of such dosage forms displays all contents of the capsules. Usually a bump is formed after heavy lifting or injury. The patient should be prepared for the fact that the ointments have to be treated for a very long time, but compared with the surgical operations, complications and scars will not be disturbed in the future.

Оперативное вмешательство

In the case of surgical excision assigned a local anesthesia. Using a scalpel, the doctor excised the dermis over the education sucks all the liquid contents and the sutures. You should consider the fact that after such removal of scars. It is required after surgery for several days to stay on the stationary monitoring, and rehabilitation is quite long. As for laser treatment and puncturevine, these methods safer, but they assign it can only specialist.