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The swelling in hands? Make sure it's a ganglion cyst.

Hygroma brush — a type of tumor developing on the type of cystic formations. Externally, it is a cone with its soft stretchy structure.

Causes of hygroma brush

This disease develops due to damage or thinning of the joint by natural causes. Damaged joint loses its ability to adequately keep the synovial joint fluid, and the load on the brush it is displaced into the surrounding tissue, forming a pouch with a Muco-serous content. To the touch the tumor is dense, elastic, and movable.

Наружные препараты при гигроме

The use of traditional medicine was not an effective method for the elimination of hygroma. This therapy is a support action to relieve discomfort and pain in tumors of small size.

  • The most common folk remedy is the use of cabbage leaves to layer compresses and ingestion. For oral administration of cabbage squeezed juice and take it 100 ml before meals 2 times a day. For the compress, apply a cabbage leaf, thickly smeared with honey. Apply it on the sore spot and cover with warm cloth.
  • Another popular method is attachment to the ganglion cyst copper plates (coins).
  • The use of blue clay. Slurry is applied on the patient brush for 2-3 hours.
  • Steaming hands in hot water for 20-30 minutes. After warm up it is necessary to impose on the wrist joint of honey on top of parchment paper and wrap and arm woolen scarf.

These packs can be repeated daily.
There are many other popular recipes getting rid of gigray, but it should be reminded that full healing occurs if the tumor is removed either by puncturevine or surgically.

The danger of hygroma

If the ganglion cyst is not treated, complications can occur, violating the motor function of the hand in the form of purulent tenosynovitis, or bursitis. If the damage of the tumor, its contents may spread to nearby tissues. After a traumatic or arbitrary opening shell hygroma restored, which entails the re-formation of cysts, and sometimes several.