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Arachnoid cyst of the posterior fossa: causes and symptoms of cysts SCA

Arachnoid cyst of the posterior fossa called the bubble fluid that has accumulated between the layers of the meninges. True, that is, the primary cyst may be congenital. Secondary arachnoid cyst appears after a trauma or of meningitis, as well as some other reasons. Arachnoid cyst of the posterior fossa is not included in the list of oncological diseases.

Symptoms of arachnoid cysts in the brain

Arachnoid cyst of the brain most often appears in men. The causes of this phenomenon still have not identified the symptoms of almost not observed, but some symptoms may develop at a young age, around 20 — 25 years.

  • Arachnoid cysts with different characteristics detected in 4% of the population. Symptoms of arachnoid cysts in the brain is available in 20% of patients people, it is associated with secondary hydrocephalus.
  • Localization of the cysts and their size suggest the severity and nature of symptoms. The disease diagnosis is often difficult and the cyst may not notice. The main symptoms include:
  • With cystic formations observed nausea, headaches, ataxia, hemiparesis, hallucinations, and convulsions.
  • The patient feels in the head "bursting", sometimes there is a feeling of pulsation.
  • In addition, often have the following symptoms: double vision, impaired auditory activities, visual disturbances, spots before the eyes.
  • There is a possibility of manifestation of the elements of symptomatic epilepsy and may have a partial paresis of the legs or hands, loss of coordination.
  • Any part of the body can often numb after the appearance of arachnoid cysts.

Diagnostic measures to identify an arachnoid cyst of brain

Properly conducted and interpreted diagnosis provides doctors the opportunity to prescribe treatment based on individual approach. Performing magnetic resonance imaging determines the location of the cyst in the brain, its size and structure. The study of the brain using intravenous contrast allows you to make the correct diagnosis in real time, as the cyst does not accumulate contrast, which cannot be said about the tumor. Using ultrasound Doppler analysis of the vessels of the head and neck revealed narrowing of the vessels. This is a very alarming symptom, because blood vessels feed the brain with blood. The lack of blood in the brain is the cause of the dying out of the land of the medulla, which leads to the appearance of the cyst in the posterior cranial fossa. Along with the diagnosis of arachnoid cysts is and cardiac research. Defects of the heart can influence fullkrovoobraschenie of the brain. It is necessary to conduct blood tests. If blood cholesterol above normal, and increased blood clotting, the brain may receive an embolism, which entails the formation of cysts. When diagnose cysts is the study of the blood pressure level.

Treatment of arachnoid cysts of the brain

Typically, these tumors do not require special treatment because they are not provocateurs of compression or displacement of brain structures. Surgery is reserved only if the arachnoid cyst had ruptured. Cyst rupture leads to the formation of subdural hydromas, what is the cause of subsequent dislocation changes in the structure of the brain. Such a change may cause epilepsy or other convulsive seizures, which occur every certain period. Currently qualified doctors use a variety of techniques of surgical interventions. To perform the surgery necessary Foundation, which can be the progression of convulsions of the limbs, high dynamics of focal symptoms and other characteristic disorders. Arachnoid cyst is removed with the help of endoscopic intervention. The main advantage of this technique lies in the absence of complications, there is no risk of infection foreign bodies and low level of injuries. All surgical procedures are performed under visual control. If there are some contraindications to the endoscopic procedure, perform microneurosurgical or bypass surgery. After performing medical procedures, there is a steady effect which allows people to resume their usual lifestyle.