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A dermatofibroma is a description of treatment and removal

Benign subcutaneous education, resembling a small grain or a knot is called dermatofibroma. At first it may appear as a small seal, but over time some of them reach enormous sizes, and can threaten human health. The problem in most cases does not cause pain, but sometimes it can be very itchy and cause internal discomfort in humans. It is noticed that this disease occurs more often already at an adult, mainly in women.

The causes of dermatofibroma

A few years ago, the main cause of this disease experts have called the reaction to the bites of some insects. But this theory has not been confirmed. Today doctors call the number of reasons that cause the disease. Among them:

  • genetic predisposition. If close relatives suffer from various skin diseases, the risk of getting one of them increases significantly;
  • various minor skin damage, such as scratches, stings and insect bites;
  • the worst ecological situation in the place of residence of the person. Living near industrial plants, major highways, work with a high level of harm leads to skin diseases;
  • age. It was noticed that the dermatofibroma occurs in children is extremely rare. This disease affects more often women after 40-45 years;
  • comorbidities. Experts note that the dermatofibroma often occurs in people with tuberculosis, smallpox or suffering from impaired liver function.

Symptoms of dermatofibroma

This disease is characterized by the following features:

  • The resulting seal is reminiscent of a knot, occurs on the surface of the skin. Sometimes it can cause itching. When pressed on the seal, it bends inside. If the damage is bleeding.
  • Dermatome has a distinctive color from the color of the skin. It often brownish or grayish color, rarely red.
  • Size novoobrazovaniya can be as little as a few millimeters and as large as several centimeters, as in the photo.

A dermatofibroma often do not cause much discomfort and anxiety.

In most cases, the disease represents a single seal on the skin, at least they are arranged in groups, in the form of a rash, as pictured.

Its structure resembles a dermatofibroma wart with a smooth surface, however, the Lenticular dermatofibroma. Are small reddish nodules. They are quite dense and has a size of not more than 10 millimeters. The main reason for their formation is trauma to the skin.

A dermatofibroma soft. Externallyresembles a small soft folds. They can be of different sizes. The color of these tumors predominantly yellow or pale blue. Typically, the soft dermatofibroma is formed on the face or abdomen.

A dermatofibroma is solid. It is a dense folds up to 2 centimetres of corporal or pale red. Can appear on any part of the body and eventually spontaneously disappear, similar to the Famous only rare cases when the disease subsides without medication and surgical treatment. In most cases, dermatofibroma remains for life. It does not cause any pain and does not cause discomfort. This dermatofibroma does not require treatment.

However, if the tumor is constantly injured and bleeds and is in a place where it causes discomfort, it is better to make the deletion.

To remove a seal in the following ways:

  • surgically. If the size of dermatofibroma is small, then its removal is produced on an outpatient basis. To remove it, make a few incisions on the skin and make removal of the nidus of the deep layers. Also during the operation are removed adjacent areas of the skin to the tumor has not spread any further. After this operation the skin are noticeable scars. In order to make them less noticeable requires proper skin care and application of medical cosmetic products;
  • the method of electrocoagulation. It is based on the temperature effect on the tissues, with subsequent coagulation of blood vessels and capillaries. Removal of dermatofibroma is without skin incisions. After thermal exposure of the seal appears on the surface crust, which eventually disappears. After the procedure, and healing of the skin at the site of nodule is a small spot;
  • removal of tumors with a laser. This operation is bloodless. Using concentrated laser light beam to occur complete destruction of the tumor. The main advantage of this operation is that when you remove the tumor completely excluded the entry of infection;
  • an alternative method of treatment dermatofibroma. This method consists of removing any of these methods, only the upper part of the tumor. This deletion ensures no scars, however, there is a risk that the tumour can again occur at the same place.

Traditional methods of treatment

Experts do not exclude the treatment of dermatofibroma with traditional methods. However, resort to this method of treatment should take into account that it can take a long time . To obtain the desired result it is necessary to strictly comply with all procedures and to be patient, because treatment can take several months.

The alcohol camphor is widelyused in the treatment of some tumors. For the treatment of dermatofibroma, it is recommended to lubricate it three times a day this tool. After 3-5 weeks on the site of the tumor will be felt a slight burning sensation. This indicates a positive result. Is to continue to lubricate the tumour to its complete disappearance.

A good effect can be obtained from the use of tincture of iodine and al. To do this, mix a large sheet of al with 100 ml of alcohol and insist the mixture for 20 days in a cool dark place. In this case it is necessary to periodically shake the can. After the infusion is ready perezhivayut and add to it 10 drops of iodine. The resulting solution was smeared tumor.