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Hygroma wrist joint of the hand: removal and treatment of folk remedies

The disease is called "hygroma hands" in recent years, is spreading more among people of different ages. The main cause of the disease is too big and constant load, which falls on the wrist due to constant work on the computer or other devices of the modern world. And with the proliferation of technology extends a ganglion cyst.

Statistics say that most often a ganglion cyst appearing on the right hand of man, which most people submitted to the working. Typically, a ganglion cyst affects the back of the wrist.

Hygroma of the hand is a benign tumor that develops according to the laws of the occurrence of any abnormal cysts in the human body.

It is possible to allocate three major factors of development of hygroma:

  • The ganglion cyst usually triggers a sharp deformation of the joint or gradual thinning.
  • In addition, a ganglion cyst appears when the hand is subjected to shock or pressure.
  • As the tumor develops, the joint ceases to maintain its intra-articular fluid.

It is because of the physical exertion begins to move into the surrounding tissue. And in the same place there is a kind of leather bag that contains some sero-mucous substance, it can be seen in the diagnosis. If the tumor feel, the person will feel density and elasticity.

The causes of hygroma hand

Now it is difficult to determine why there is a ganglion cyst of the wrist. The causes of disease modern medical science can't necessarily, in practice, no final solutions, only theoretical speculation.

It is only known that the disease can appear due to many different factors. There are the following reasons:

  • Constant regular load on the hands due to work on the keyboard or other types of electronic devices, musical instruments, doing needlework or some kinds of sport are the main causes of hygroma. During a visit to the doctor, the patient will ask about what have they done these actions.
  • Genetic predisposition to inflammation and diseases of the joints and weakness of the skeletal system in General, which is characterized by a genetic predisposition.
  • Inflammation of any joints and also neighboring tissues.
  • A hand injury caused by a variety of reasons. For example, it can be any fractures or sprains.

Sometimes a ganglion cyst occurs as a complication after surgery, not related to this area.

The swelling on the wrist can become more, if after its appearance the man will not reduce the load on this area. If the situation is already running, you will have to have surgery, there is surgery is not a universal condition for the treatment of the tumor.

If you cancel any loads on the brush, the tumor sometimes completely disappears, demonstrating the ability to self-destruction. But we must remember that the cause of the tumor – the problem with the joint that needs solving. In case the resulting load on the brush, the disease will return.

Of course, the appearance of such trouble as a ganglion cyst of the hand entails a lot of negative experiences and repeated visits to the doctor to determine the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

But you should know what a ganglion cyst of the brush can be successfully treated if the doctor has experience and qualifications, moreover, such a tumor may not be malignant.

The main symptoms

External symptom of hygroma brushes that appears from a dense knot in the form of cones. It occurs just a few hours, reaching a diameter of 1.5-2 inches. Sometimes the lump grows slowly, about a few months.

When a ganglion cyst of the hand is just beginning to emerge, the man says that it is difficult to rotate the wrist. Even an ordinary person can detect a ganglion cyst, since diseases with such manifestations not enough. But in any case, for accurate diagnosis have to pay a visit to the doctor, he will prescribe diagnostic method, which will determine not only the presence of hygroma, but its size and shape.

In addition to initial visual inspection of the brush to detect hygroma wrist doctors use ultrasound of the hand or magnetic resonance imaging – MRI.

Folk medicine in the treatment of hygroma hand

Classic popular method of treatment hygroma her crush. Method is not medical, and old, it is not used for a long time.

The fact that if you break hygroma liquid is poured into the nearby tissues. Though the procedure is harmless, but useless.

All hygroma that were eliminated by crushing, after a while appear again. Usually this happens in 9 cases out of 10. Now hygroma crush only those people who for whatever reason can't or don't want to go to the doctor. More details the steps for treating the cysts in the material — after the surgery, the joint will once again be moving, there will be a relapse and will have to carry out surgery.

Operation as in all other cases is an extreme measure that the doctors are not in a hurry to recommend to patients. However, there is a rule: the earlier diagnosed a ganglion cyst and assigned to the correct treatment, the less likely the target of the operation. the same can be said about if diagnosed with perineural cysts of the spine, for example.

It is worth noting that even successfulthe operation carried out by a highly qualified surgeon, do not provide complete assurance that in the future the disease will not return, in the case of the load on the damaged joint.