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A cyst of the testicle in men (right and left): pain in ovary men

A cyst of the testicle in men represents a disease which manifests as benign tumor-like formations. Paired male gonads testicles or ovaries and paired secretory organs epididymis produce the production of spermatozoa, and partly of the hormone testosterone.

In the upper part of the glands, appendages and region of the spermatic cord formed a favorable environment for the formation of a cyst of the testicle. The cyst is a kind of cavity, is covered by the fibrous sheath, inside which fluid accumulates.

This is a fairly common disease in men in the scrotum, which occurs in every third patient during the examination at the urologist. The disease is detected by ultrasound. In General, a cyst on the testicle in men is practically invisible, therefore, to detect the disease goes a long way. In some cases, the deformation of the scrotum, and the patient, as a rule, they go to the doctor for the cause of the pain.

The signs of a cyst of the testicle in men

Cyst in men has completely different symptoms, in comparison with a similar disease in women. The cause of education often remains unclear.

The main signs of the disease in men include:

  • The occurrence of mild pains in the abdomen;
  • The stomach swells and appears regularly feeling it overflow;
  • During sex the pain appear;
  • Due to the rapid increase in development of hirsutism, the hair begins to grow in unnatural places on the body and face;
  • When you turn the cysts or the formation of gaps in the abdominal area there is a sharp pain, the man quickens fever and nausea;
  • With the growth of cyst, when it starts to put pressure on the bladder, there are painful frequent urination or urine is retained in the urinary canal.

At the initial stage of the disease, you may notice only a slight education in the field of testicles in men about the size of a pea. After a time, the education starts to grow and press on blood vessels or nerve fibers. As a result, education is fluid retention, which leads to hydrocele and cyst formation. In the groin and in the scrotum pain occur. In this respect, the formation of the plow with the development of the Cyst and appendages formed due to injury, developmental abnormalities or infectious process. Including the causes can be similar appearance of the cyst on the ovary. The disease is hidden, there is a latent period. The cyst is formed in the appendages.

In some cases, discoverededucation in the field of the ovary may be congenital in nature, that is, the cyst appears in children immediately after birth. Such education is called dizontogeneticheskie and usually caused due to malformations of the fetus at the initial stage of pregnancy, early birth and for the reason of obtaining grass during childbirth.

Some time doctors monitor newborns, and if the cyst is not increased and the self disappears, the treatment of education not carried out. If the cyst begins to grow, is performed laparoscopy. Same thing if this is Due to the digital matrix image on the screen is clear and good quality. Additionally, the handset is equipped with an optical cable for lighting cold light. In order to have more space in the abdominal region is injected carbon dioxide, which inflates the operated body, the abdomen is raised, freeing the internal organs.

After surgery to remove a cyst in the region, JICA is required to maintain the scrotum in a certain state, which is the jockstrap. To the scrotum take the necessary position, the patient is placed on the back, is, in turn, prevents the formation of edema.

The bandage must be wound up to full prosyhanija, that is, about two days in the absence of any physical activity. After exercise is contraindicated for two weeks. It is also important before and after the surgery to follow a special diet.

Statistics show that this method of treatment is widely established itself. 95 percent of patients after surgery have no problems and pain. After the operation, all symptoms disappear and the patient is improving.

After carrying out of a laparoscopy the cyst on the testicle in men, it is important to follow certain rules and be careful not to get injured and not to hurt the body. For some time contraindicated sex and sports, as the stress can cause certain consequences.

Also, we worry that the stress did not cause the surge. It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the joints, not allowing them to have sore or split.

Failure to comply with the rules of hygiene and care, the formation of infertility, the development of tumors and scar tissue in the operated region of the scrotum, the emergence of dangerous swelling and any infection.

It is therefore important to follow the basic rules, listen to your body and refrain from any heavy loads. After surgery do not lift items weighing more than three pounds.

As such diet when you remove a cyst on the testicle in men does not exist, meanwhile, the doctors recommendto eat according to a certain mode to quickly recovered reproductive function. Eating is only gentle and wholesome food in small portions five to six times a day. Do not overeat, drink alcohol. To%the way, education is not the only one in which attention is paid to diet, eating and diet in the renal cyst.

Before performing laparoscopy need to take antibiotics. To eat is foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. The first thing to focus on plant-based foods. For quick healing of wounds it is recommended the consumption of cereals. Also very useful fresh juices.

The use of folk methods to treat a cyst on the testicle

Folk remedies widely used for the treatment of a cyst on the testicle in men. To cook them simply.

  • Teaspoon sage leaves pour a glass of boiling water. The mixture is boiled on a slow fire for ten minutes and infuse for an hour. After the broth must strain and take five times a day for two tablespoons.
  • Effective healing ointment is prepared from the juice of grass toadflax. From the plant squeeze out the juice and mix with butter or lard in the proportions of 2 to 5. The composition should be boiled until the complete disappearance of water, strain, wring out and use to lubricate painful places.
  • Tablespoon dried cocklebur poured one of the cups of boiling water. The mixture is boiled on a slow fire for ten minutes, infuse for one hour and filtered. Is taken five times a day for two tablespoons.