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Cysts of the vascular plexus of the brain in the fetus

Already in the second month of pregnancy the head of the fetus appear plexus of vessels. This is the first complex structure, which concentrates the sugar and producing the cerebrospinal fluid – the fluid that supports brain tissue and is responsible for intracranial pressure.

When the fetus has two choroid plexus, developing both hemispheres of the brain. If this separation did not happen, and some of the half does not develop, it is a very serious malformation holoprosencephaly.

Choroid plexus contains nerve cells in the brain, but they are beginning to develop under the influence of liquor that contains sugar and in the early stages of embryo development and nourishes nerve cells.

The etiology of vascular cysts

As a result, the accumulation in the region of the choroid plexus cerebrospinal fluid is formed a bubble that contains the cerebrospinal fluid. This is a cyst. It can manifest as the right side of the plexus, and the left.

Regardless of location, the vascular plexus cysts in the blood vessels of the fetus can be detected using ultrasound 18 weeks from 1-3% of women, cherished child. In most cases, somewhere in the 24-28 week of pregnancy formed cysts resolve, so the development of the brain, they have no effect, as it begins to form only in the 24th week of fetal development.

Experts of AIG (American Hepatology Association) has conducted studies, the results of which showed that 90% of cysts of the vascular plexus of the embryo resolve without any intervention to the 26th week (3 trimester). This despite the fact that half of the cases the cyst was of the two parties.

If the cyst appears after the baby is born, the root cause of its origin should be sought in the pregnancy. Perhaps the foetus was affected with some infection during pregnancy had complications, was infected with herpes virus or had hemorrhages during the generative process. Often vascular cysts in infants do not require treatment or after the time resolve themselves.

Methods of diagnosis of pathological education

If you suspect a cyst of the choroid plexus make the newborn neurosonography – ultrasound application. This method of brain examination is safe and painless, so to avoid this defect and other CNS disorders it is indicated for the passage of all kids under the age of 1 year. This method is found in General, any neurosonography and when abnormality of an organ (skull shape, facial contours, etc.).

Research is being conducted through the fontanel (front) before it closed, because ultrasonic waves can not penetrate to the site of possible pathology through the formed bones of the skull. Andhere the Central and rear parts of the brain are at a remote distance from this large Fontanelle, therefore, their studies use temporal, posterior-lateral, and occipital neokostenelyh area.

Does such pathology is the danger?

It should be emphasized that for the health of the future baby, a cyst, formed in the vascular plexus of the embryo, is not quite dangerous, unlike the case in which the diagnosed, for example, a cyst of the pituitary gland.

However, its presence may trigger chromosomal abnormalities. The change in the number or structure of chromosomes often leads to such serious diseases as down syndrome (trisomy 21 Chr.) or Edwards syndrome (chromosome 18). With such syndromes often discover that the fetus had a cyst of the choroid plexus.