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Folk remedies for cysts of the breast: feedback about the treatment

Breast cyst is most common in young women. This disease is a cavity, formed inside the breast, which is filled with liquid. With the onset of menopause, the Size of cysts of the breast can range from two millimeters to three centimeters. The tumor may form in a woman's body as in the single and plural form. When the feeling of breast you can feel a smooth surface in the cavity of the cyst, while education is in place and does not move.

How dangerous is a cyst in the breast

The disease carries no risk for women. However, when the penetration of infection in the cyst cavity may begin as a purulent process. In the spread of cysts may occur deformation of the breast, such education often causes pain and discomfort. Women with this disease are more prone to cancer than fully healthy.

Causes of cysts of the breast

A cyst in a mammary gland begins to form as a result of hormonal failure, which dramatically increases the concentration of male hormones estrogen in the female body. In General, the amount of male hormones may increase for several reasons:

  • As a result of disease of the thyroid gland;
  • Due to inflammatory processes in the urogenital system женщины4
  • Because of the psychological exhaustion caused by regular stress, anxiety and depression.

Including a cyst can occur in women for a long time taking hormonal contraceptives, and having multiple pregnancies, any breast surgery, mastitis. With this useful information, what is meanwhile in breast can regularly be a feeling of discomfort and nagging pain, aggravated before the onset of menstruation. This is due to the fact that the cyst increases in size and grow and compresses the breast tissue. If breast cyst is large and it is easy to find on their own.

Methods of treatment of cysts of the breast with the help of folk remedies

There are many attorneys and effective folk remedies, which help you to get rid of a cyst in the breast.

  • Effectively assists the treatment of the cyst with the help of St. John's wort. To do this, use compresses of infusion of Hypericum. To prepare the composition in the home will need twenty grams of the herb a medicinal plant that should pour one Cup of boiling water. Capacity with with a lid and layered up until the infusion cools. After the tool is used to treat – folded in several layers of gauze moistened in the infusion and applyto the chest. The compress is kept on for fifteen minutes. A similar procedure should be done daily once a day.
  • Burdock roots are also good for the cure of cyst in the breast in women. Dug burdock root is carefully crushed on a grater, pour boiling water in the ratio 1:20, most of it is water. The obtained composition should steep for three hours, after which the composition is filtered through cheesecloth. The infusion should be drunk three times a day, one in the throat before eating.
  • A decoction of gentian macrophylla is prepared from medicinal herbs, which are filled with water and boiled on slow heat for fifteen minutes. The resulting tool is used for compresses and lotions to get rid of the cyst of the breast. However, just note that the treatment of cysts in the breast and possibly the traditional ways.
  • Including will help to cure the cysts alcohol tincture of walnut shell. This would require fifteen walnuts, which it is cleared from the shell and placed in a half liter glass jar. The shell is filled with alcohol or vodka to the brim the banks, the resulting composition is infused for weeks. After the medicine is necessary strain. Apply tincture on an empty stomach one teaspoon.
  • Also, when the cyst of the breast, make an infusion of grass clover. This medicinal herb pour a glass of boiling water and leave until cool. A piece of moistened gauze in the resulting infusion, and is put to the breast for fifteen minutes. This procedure should be carried out every day.
  • From beets you will get a treatment composition, which are compresses on the chest. Two or three beet rubbed on a fine grater and heated on a water bath. In the received structure add two tablespoons of vinegar, the consistency of the mixed and applied evenly on folded in several layers of cheesecloth. A compress applied to the chest, fixed with a bandage and kept throughout the night. In the morning you need to remove the compress and wrap the chest with a warm woolen shawl.

During treatment of cysts of the breast should abandon the use of any essential oils, as they affect the increased production of estrogen.