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Perineural cyst of the vertebra at the levels of s2 - s3

The symptoms of back pain often appear virtually every person. Sometimes they signal not suitable for the body way of life or excessive exercise.

In case if the pain occurs only occasionally and does not cause significant discomfort at him, in practice, pay no attention. However, back pain can cause visiting the doctor.

In fact, eight percent of the world's population, the doctors detect perineural cyst. Lately this pathology affects an increasing number of people, so you need a good understanding of the causes, symptoms and treatment perineural cysts.

Causes of

Perineural cyst is a limited education with a variety of liquid and localized in the spinal canal.

In total, this is the vial filled with cerebrospinal fluid located near the spinal nerve root. Most of all meet a similar cystic cavity in the lumbar and sacral spine.

In order to clarify the localization of these cysts is a special designation of the vertebrae of the spine. Moreover, the lumbar vertebrae are assigned to the Latin letter L (L1 — L5), whereas the sacral vertebrae are assigned the letter S (S1 — S5).

For example, perineural cyst in region of vertebra S2 suggests that the pathology is located at the level of the 2nd sacral vertebra, whereas perineural cyst in region S3 is a cystic formation located in the third vertebra in the sacral division.

The pathology of this type may be congenital or acquired. Congenital cyst is considered to be the result of a disruption of intrauterine growth of the baby is bulging spinal shares in the lumen of the canal of the spinal cord.

In case such protrusion is small in size, the person may not always be aware of his immediate presence. If the amount of pathology is large, it will compress the spinal nerves, but on the other hand the primary symptomatic manifestations will be observed in early childhood or young period of life. Undoubtedly useful information from the article Note that such operations may entail some risks, among which special attention is drawn to the damage to the spinal cord, and postoperative meningitis or the development of adhesions. Therefore, in each case, the technician carefully assesses the balance between risk of surgery and the actual effect of it.

Treatment of disease with traditional methods

For treatment of perineural pathology in someapply folk remedies. It should be noted that the effectiveness of their use will be noticeable only for small tumors.

The best option is to receive people's methods along with medication, but only after prior consultation with a medical specialist.

The best recipes for the treatment of the pathology presented below:

You can do a specialized blend of herbs, which will need to include knotweed, in the amount of one tablespoon, oregano in the same proportion, the series and nettles half a tablespoon, a few of burdock roots and leaves of the walnut, as well as Helichrysum and St. John's wort (three tablespoons).

Two tablespoons of such a collection, pour two cups of boiling water, then insist on for 12-14 hours and then filtered. Use this mixture should be one tablespoon half an hour before meals at least three times a day.

by the way, not only a cystic formation in the spine can be treated non-traditional, for example, a brain cyst treatment of folk remedies, it recognizes, so to speak.

Need to mix in the same proportion kalinovoe juice and flower honey. In the first week should take a quarter teaspoon of such mixture directly before Breakfast, while in the second week, you need to use half a teaspoon, and for three weeks was to use a teaspoon only in the morning and evening.