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Cyst rupture of the corpus luteum of the right and left ovary

In practice the symptoms of the cyst of the corpus luteum of the ovary is actually safe for overall health women, however, are not excluded cases of complications arising on a background of formation of pathology. Typically, these changes in the body occur in the case of abnormal development of cysts of the yellow body, adversely affecting the condition of the patient.


According to statistics, this pathology is most commonly observed in women of childbearing potential, however, however, this formation can also occur and even young girls, or in women older than 40 years.

Scientists, despite the leaps and bounds of progress in science still fails to understand why there is a cyst of the corpus luteum, as a result, it is considered that the pathology occurs due to the violation of blood circulation (or lymph) organs located in the pelvic area.

The most common questions after diagnosis is possible potential to become pregnant woman, but doctors recommend not to worry about this issue. however, you still need to be aware of the problems, so we recommend you to read the article In the case of torsion legs cysts directly 360 degrees, will be completely disrupted its circulation, resulting in a large probability of pathological necrotic disintegration of the cyst and further development of peritonitis. in this regard, you need to know and what is In progress laparoscopiceski the operation, the woman's stomach is filled with a special gas, resulting in specially made small incisions there will be introduced a laparoscope and other surgery tools.

It should be noted that all the data will be displayed on the monitor in real time, due to the presence of a miniature video camera. That is why all surgical procedures are performed painlessly with the least injury to the local tissues.