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What is a fatty lipoma how to get rid of and what is dangerous

Under the Wen is commonly understood as a small soft lump beneath the skin. It is essentially the accumulation of human adipose tissue. The main cause of lipomas include the process of the growth of this tissue. Will reply in the article the basic question – what is Wen and what to do with it.

Such tumors can cause any other trouble, except for as an aesthetic of suffering, but to treat them anyway you need. Talc refers to purely cosmetic issues (see photos) as they are not able to degenerate into malignant tumors.

If we talk about the main signs of this disease, lump on the skin is characterized by a complete painless when pressed and mobility. The approximate size of the lipoma is not more than 15 millimeters in diameter, but in some cases it can actively grow and compress the nerve endings and tissues nearby. As a result of this process can already begin pain, to treat a lipoma will have no issues.

The white bumps on the skin are just as likely to appear in women and men. There is such a cosmetic defect on any part of the human body. There are even statistics which very well indicates that people do not pay for Wen any attention and don't go to the doctor to treat him until that moment, until the lipoma begins to constantly bother them, especially if we are talking about the location near the eyes, on the neck or scalp.

Mostly for medical care address adolescents and youth. It is for this category suffering from lipoma, its presence on the face causes a lot of inconvenience and a constant sense of unease. Older people often delay deliverance until then, until the number of lipomas will not start constantly and actively increase.

How to get rid of Wen?

Those who have encountered similar trouble, I can say that Wen the skin is not so easy to get rid of, as it may seem, and to treat it difficult.

If acne, due to the peculiarities of their structure can be removed, for example, simply squeezing the lump on the skin isn't easy to eliminate. Wen on the face is serious and complex structure.

Its deletion is the manipulation, which requires great experience and skills of such operations. For this reason, it is important to entrust the solution to your problems by qualified cosmetologists and dermatologists.

To self-medicate is highly undesirable, because in the best case it will not bring any result, and at worst will cause serious complications.

The types of Wen

Lipomas depending on their location and character are:

  • — milliony or xanthelasmas. Such subcutaneoustumors inside contain fat and therefore are light or yellowish color;
  • — Milia (also called need to treat not only symptoms but also causes. More than once it was noted that the lipoma can occur in those people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

    Subcutaneous talc occur in diseases of the genitourinary system and the liver. In 25 percent of cases compound the problem incorrectly selected care products for skin, there also have to treat all in a holistic manner. The most actual this problem becomes for Teens. They have the body actively adjusts and because of the frequent hormonal surges there are a growing number of Wens.

    To prevent white bumps on face you should carefully choose the means to care for them. Otherwise, the fat can solidify and thereby to provoke a lipoma. The other 25 percent – the people absolutely healthy and causes of such skin problems not currently installed.

    Cosmetics to remove

    Immediately it should be noted that treatment and all treatments must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. Despite such strict guidelines, there are enough people trying to cure a Wen on their own, for example, pierce the lump with a needle and squeeze the contents of a Wen.

    To carry out a similar manipulation on the skin is extremely dangerous, because there is a serious risk to bring in a weakened spot various infections, and in addition, the likelihood of permanent scars is high enough. They will look ugly and will deliver one more a cosmetic nuisance. If it is easy Enough to get rid of lipomas the people who got it as a result of improper selection of cosmetics for the care of the skin. Such a problem will quickly be able to solve the beautician.

    It will not only eliminate the Wens, but also help the patient to choose the means for skin, which most would be suitable, in addition, the beautician will recommend the proper ways to care for your face.

    A battle with the Milia will need to choose a tool that is specifically designed to solve this problem. It will have not only a beneficial effect on pores, but also properly thin subcutaneous fat on the Wen.

    In addition should be a professional peels and scrubs to use on fruit acids. It will be good to choose a ointment which will be key to the successful fight against xanthelasma, however, to recommend only doctor.

    Hardware and mechanical treatment methods

    To solve the problem of only one makeup will be difficult. She will be able to positively influence the skin condition, but nothing more. Onthe moment sufficiently effective methods of treatment and removal of Wens can be called:

    • — laser therapy;
    • — electrocoagulation;
    • — mechanical Troubleshooting.

    Mechanically remove Wen will be easy. This manipulation actively carried out dermatocosmetologists. Initially, the affected area of the skin antiseptic is applied and then with sterile processed needle perform puncture. After that, subcutaneous fat squeezed.

    For a more gentle and painless methods include laser removal. With a special beam dried the skin and the result is to form a crust. It is already week and there is no in this fight with a cosmetic defect ends.

    Equally effective procedure electrocoagulation. It does not cause physical pain and can be a great solution.

    Why not to self-medicate?

    Pressing the lump may not always be effective at home. If the Milia still somehow can be eliminated in this way, xanthelasmas is not the case. This type of subcutaneous talc is deep enough. If they are to pick open with a needle, almost with a probability of 100 percent will be developing an infection.

    A different kind of compresses and lotions made based on folk recipes also do not cause much confidence. Even Vishnevsky ointment, which is perfectly cope with skin issues in this case will be powerless. The tool is not able to get inside the skin and cause the accumulated grease to come out. Broken naturally Wen can become a gateway for infection. For a full understanding of how the local media, you can read the article — Vishnevsky ointment: the description of the drug and application.

    As practice shows, safer and much more effective to go to a medical facility for problems with lipoma. It was under this condition, the treatment is chosen correctly, and the result will not keep itself waiting long.