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Lipomas on the genitals: the sex lump on lip

Oily skin, the labia can talk about the imminent appearance of a lump in this area. Skin can be of any type, but certain predictions can be made, looking at himself in the mirror. If on the face there are acne and rashes, it is possible to predict the development of lipomas on other areas of the body, including the genital area.

A fatty lipoma is a benign neoplasm which is formed by blockage of the sebaceous duct. He carries no harm, except in certain cases, and does not cause any physiological changes, but moral causes women discomfort and causes a shameful feeling.

The causes of lipomas

Many women strongly not worry, if the doctors find they have white bumps on the skin of the genitals, and I think that this is only a cosmetic defect. But to assess this situation is impossible, because when you increase in size Wen can impress internal organs of the reproductive system.

Lipoma in type are benign formations, formed by the blockage of the sebaceous glands. If a woman is prone to oily skin type and acne, then it sharply increases the risk of such unpleasant things on the genitals.

In any case, you should not let the diagnosis if there are any tumors put friends, who once successfully solved a similar question.

Under a harmless lump on genital lip may be masked even malignancy, so diagnosis and treatment can only be carried out by a qualified gynecologist after all the necessary tests.

If it was really normal Wen, we must make every effort to prevent the penetration of infectious agents, otherwise the treatment will become more complex raising the high temperature and pus. The cause of lipomas, in addition to difficulties with pores of subcutaneous fat cells, may be genetic factor, hormonal disorders or poor environmental conditions. Very often there is a cumulative effect of multiple causes, but a woman delaying a visit to the doctor because of a false sense of shame, and an Inexperienced person appearance is unlikely to be able to immediately determine the type of Wen, because they are all very similar to each other and look like a seal of round shape, under the skin at different depths. If Wen is almost on the surface, you will see that it is painted in white color. Have deep white bumps that are seen. The tumor usually exists in itself and does not depend on the movement of skin.

That is when the skin moves across the surface of the lipoma, fatty lipoma remains at a particular location. The exception can be re-educatedWens.

They are more mobile, thereby mechanically damaged, for example, underwear, and even become infected. To prevent possible serious problem the doctor is obliged to send the material to conduct histological examination.

Treatment and prevention of lipoma

Women interested in this problem very rarely, but I do not see anything like that on their genitals. Almost all long-standing lipomas are subject to surgical removal, especially if they are the inflammatory process, pus is formed, or the woman herself unsuccessfully tried to get rid of them.

Most often, the surgeons excised lipoma on the labia by the complete removal of the tumor capsule and damaged tissue around. After surgery, a few days to drink hand sanitizer.

Small white bumps that do not cause much concern can be removed through liposuction or endoscopic method. Among the new modern methods you can call radio waves and laser. Their major advantage is that it does not need prolonged anesthesia, and no risk of infection.

In addition, the labia do not remain postoperative scars. After a few days, the woman in the following of the medical recommendations for returning to normal sexual life.

In folk medicine, there are also effective treatments Wen. To do this, use the leaves mother and stepmother, attaching them to the affected areas. But the labia carry out such manipulations quite uncomfortable. You can also make lotions or cleaning the decoction of burdock root.

The most conservative method is the use of garlic or finely chopped onion baked with vegetable oil. But in any case, we should never neglect to consult a gynecologist, as worried Wen easily penetrates the infection, which compounds the problem.

Those of women who ever experienced with this disease, are interested in how to prevent its recurrence, knowing already — Wen, what it is! Any prevention is primarily in the hygienic activities. Twice a day you need to wash with soap.

If a woman has oily skin and lipomas appear not only on the genitals, you need to change your diet, eliminate from the diet of carbohydrates and fatty foods, to eat more raw vegetables and fruits, cereals.

If the white bumps still appear periodically, you should go to an endocrinologist, because a malfunction of the thyroid gland can cause the formation of lipomas, which are very hard to treat. Often need to inspect their labia and the detection of seals is necessary to go to the doctor.