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The lump on the head of the penis

Any growths on the penis always puzzling and can cause even the men a sense of fear, not to mention the child. It comes from the obscurity of the causes and consequences, as well as excessive feelings of men about the possibility in the future to lead a usual sexual activity.

It happens that manhood appear Wens. Does it mean small benign tumors that are located below the skin.

The white bumps usually appear on any surface of the skin: the legs, the neck, arms or back, however, their appearance on the genitals is not so frequent. Feature of Wen becomes the probability that he is quite agile and can develop into the chronic stage.

The main factor that causes the disease, while medicine is not installed. However, there is a theory that the cause of Wens becomes excessive zaslujivaet of the male body, and a blockage of the sebaceous glands of the penis.

What to do and how to behave, if there Wen?

Extremely recommended if any of the tumors to self-medicate, because the positive result of such manipulation will not. You must seek medical help as soon as possible, after all, Wen can begin to actively grow and much harder to treat.

If you do not do deliverance from Wen, it could be quite a serious problem in the sexual life men. The presence of such tumors will cause decreased libido, which immediately will cause damage to the immune system and weaken the body in General.

Finding even a small sized white bumps on the penis, it is necessary to qualitatively review the diet and required to exclude from food spicy dishes, pastry, fatty and overcooked. Besides, will not prevent the connection of vitamin complexes and minerals, which actively removes toxins and block their production.

What threatens Wens?

The bulk of talc, and in particular on the penis, do not cause much concern and anxiety.

With regard to age of manifestation of the disease, its peak falls on the adolescence, when there is an active process of puberty and hormonal changes the body. In particular, it is an active production of testosterone – the primary male hormone. It affects the sebaceous glands and as a result they can be a blockage. Known cases where even the newborn child was discovered growths, for which we have photographic confirmation.

Whatever it was, it is extremely important not to look for similar cases on the Internet or magazines, and to seek help from a qualified doctor urologist,after all, no authoritative opinions, it would be difficult adequately to diagnose myself.

What are the white bumps?

The wrong kind of white bumps, which are called purely male, there are different types

  • sebaceous cyst (sebaceous cyst);
  • seborrheic cyst;
  • lipoma (fatty tumors under the skin);
  • Fordyce granules (nodules on the skin).

Each of the varieties of talc are not dangerous for male health. They contain exudative education, also is not dangerous, provided that they are opening. Whatever it was, the doctor still stands as the best time to prevent undesirable consequences of the current illness.

What is the treatment?

The white bumps are not transmitted through sexual contact, but to prevent their increase and transition in the chronic form, it is necessary to start timely treatment. In addition, from an aesthetic point of view, Wen does not look very nice, which also becomes a prerequisite for removing it.

During the medical examination, the urologist will determine the amount of growth and as a result will assign a specific way of removing it, which can be several:

  • getting rid Wen using surgical method;
  • laser removal;
  • enter into the cavity of medicines, which will contribute to the resorption of tumors.

If we talk about the simplest method of treatment, that is, of course, the introduction of drugs. They will help Wen to flake to pieces, and then dissolve. This technique is quite effective and its results will be visible already after 2 months.

Radical ways to get rid of tumors on the penis have already resorted to in those cases where treatment with medication has not been timely. Before surgery, you need to do a biopsy, which provides for confirmation of the purity of the tumor.

The transaction is made in special sterile conditions in order to completely eliminate the possibility of infection and injury to the skin, also, by the way, takes place and If the disease is at its earliest stage, it is possible to use a houseplant Kalanchoe. This requires applying to the affected area of the pulp of fresh leaves of this flower and fasten the bandage with the help of conventional medical plaster. If you conduct a similar procedure on a daily basis, the result will be observed after 10 to 14 days after the start of the course.

If a man is the main treatment, it is possible to add sheep fat. For this it is necessary to melt it and bring it to a comfortable skin temperature. After that, you need to RUB the fat in the affected area in small portions. The method is quite famous and popular, becausethere is a lot of evidence of its efficacy.

If lump on penis appeared in a time when to see a doctor there is no way you can try to attach to the problematic place a poultice of wheat. For this it is necessary to carefully grind grain, to attach to the lump and gently cover with foil.

The procedure contributes to the growth of the outlet through which the fluid will work actively to move, and he Wen disappear. This method of treatment can be practiced on and on, but subject to the approval of the attending physician.