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Wens on the body - how to get rid of lipomas

Wen or as per medical terminology a lipoma is a benign subcutaneous education, which has no clear boundaries. Judging by the title, it involved subcutaneous fat. It follows that the subcutaneous lump can appear in any part of the body where there is at least a small layer of skin fat.

Subcutaneous talc occur in people often enough and do not bring them any inconvenience or pain, but in spite of this talc needs to be treated.

Causes of lipoma

In order to get rid of Wen in the shortest time probable, you must know its causes. Today, doctors can not accurately determine the range of factors which influence the emergence of Wen. The most probable causes are the following:

  • disruption in the hormonal system;
  • thyroid disease;
  • diabetes mellitus failure of the pancreas;
  • liver disease;
  • heredity;
  • excessive consumption of alcohol;
  • improper diet;
  • a sedentary lifestyle.

All this causes of as a single of the Wens on the body, and entire groups of them. According to experts, the white bumps appear in cases of deficiency in the body protein enzymes.

What is the danger of lip

As already noted lipoma is a benign subcutaneous education. But what lies their danger to humans? Many attempt to get rid of a fatty lipoma in a variety of ways. This can lead to penetration of infection under the skin and be the impetus for serious inflammatory process.

Also Wen under the action of microorganisms can mutate and turn into consequence in malignancy to get rid of that is more difficult. Therefore, if the lump causes discomfort and the person experiences pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Symptoms and diagnosis of lipoma

When the seals under the skin should not immediately panic. It can be removed quickly to get rid of. To determine Wen it or not is quite simple. Wen is loose and movable tumor, which does not hurt when pressing on it.

But do not just try to get rid of tumors on their own without consulting a doctor. The fact that Wen is easy to confuse, for example, inflammation of the lymph node.

Most often the white bumps are formed on the upper torso, although there may be throughout the body.. This can be the shoulders, upper back and chest. Also tumors can be seen on the upper thighs and lower leg.

Types of lipomas

Experts share lipomas into five categories:

  1. Angiolipoma — smallseal with the presence of some amount of blood vessels.
  2. Lipoferum soft to the touch, the seal is composed mostly of fatty tissue.
  3. Myelolipoma — a tumor consisting of fatty tissue and small blood vessels.
  4. Miliom — seal from the muscle tissue, can appear all over the body.
  5. Fibrolipoma — dense enough tumor composed of adipose and connective tissue.

The treatment of Wens

To start treatment of white bumps on your body, only after consultation with a specialist. Initially inconspicuous and small in size, the Wen can grow and grow in diameter to 10 centimeters.

They begin to squeeze tissues and nerve ends around the perimeter, causing pain and discomfort with movement or even at rest. As advised by specialists to treat and remove Wens must. But the treatment must be systematic and purposeful.

According to the method of treatment distinguish between conservative and surgical treatment of lipomas.

Conservative treatment of Wens

To carry out conservative treatment of Wen in the home after prior consultation with a specialist. The most commonly used drug for the treatment of Wens small size — cream Vitaon. This tool is created entirely from natural ingredients and extracts of medicinal herbs. It has no contraindications and can be used by both children and pregnant women.

Folk remedies also do an excellent job with the treatment of Wens. However, using these tools and treatment in the home, it is not necessary to resort to mechanical impact on Wen. This can lead to undesirable consequences and to get rid of the problem will not work.

Recipes of traditional medicine in the fight against Wens

A tablespoon of ground wheat in a coffee grinder. Then the crushed wheat is diluted with water to a pulp. The mixture is wrapped in several layers of bandage and apply to the Wen, then the lipoma begins to fade, and so on throughout the body.

Then on top of impose cellophane and bandage that will hold the bandage with the wheat in place. Remove the bandage in two days. Usually after 6-7 sessions, the lump disappears.

The garlic will help against small white bumps. For this you need to chop 5 large cloves of garlic and mix with a small amount of any vegetable oil. The mixture should resemble thick cream. The resulting mixture lubricate the Wen as often as possible. After some time the seal will start to decrease.

The crushed pulp of onion is applied as poultice and places of occurrence of Wen. It is recommended to do it at least twice a day. But if the placeit overlay a burning sensation occurs, it is recommended to refuse the use of such tools, especially if this lipoma disappears completely, and the photo shows.

Celandine is known for its properties to cleanse the skin from various tumors, it concerns such. As the Wens on the body. Juice of celandine can help in the treatment of Wens. However, be aware that to use this plant cautiously.

Although experts do not deny the effectiveness of folk remedies in the fight against the lip, but I advise you to use such treatments only small tumors. If in the course of treatment, Wen will increase markedly in size, appears painful, the treatment at home should be discontinued immediately and urgently to address to the doctor.

Operative methods of treatment of lipomas

If the traditional methods and treatment of Wen in the home does not yield the desired results, you may need surgical treatment, the photo shows what it is and how you can get rid of lipomas.

There are a number of medications that when the direct impact of the Wens on the body contribute to their reduction. Medication is used to treat the talc is not more than 3 inches.

Its essence consists in the maintenance of a drug under the skin, directly into the seal. Under the influence of drugs fat cells dissolve and soon the lump disappears.

If the Wen is large or remove it medical way failed using surgery, lipoma removal laser treatment with radio waves or puncture-aspiration method of removal.

Since the lump is a tumor, then remove surgically performed under General anesthesia. The procedure is fairly quick and the recovery period does not take much time. After the operation on the spot Wen there remains a small scar, which can easily be removed with special drugs.

Removed subcutaneous lump and laser. The advantage of this method of removal is to speed treatments and practically no signs of surgical intervention. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Treatment and removal of lipomas also produce radio waves under local anesthesia. This method of removing the talc has a number of advantages. First, the lipoma is removed in a bloodless and almost painless. Immediately after removed Wen on the body, the patient can be discharged from the hospital and begin his duties. Also, this procedure leaves no seams and scars. Is completely excluded from entering into the wound of any infection as the skin is not broken.

The essencepuncture aspiration removal method is to enter the needle with the wide end of a capsule Wen and exhaustion of its contents. After this removal remains a barely noticeable mark on the skin after insertion of the needle, in rare cases change the color of the skin.

The advantage of surgical methods of removal of Wens is to eliminate their re-occurrence in this place. However, if you do not identify the cause, it is not excluded that they will appear elsewhere.