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Wart on elbow: occurrence and treatment

A wart is an unpleasant defect of the skin caused by the human papillomavirus. According to the degree of spread of this virus occupies a leading position among the world's population and generic medication from him and not invented.

In appearance a wart is a tumor of a yellowish or grayish color, and rough to the touch and are located in certain places. From the location of the warts, neoplasms, also depends on its appearance, for example, flat and plantar warts represented by thick growths, and skin. At first perceived as a small cosmetic defect in the future, as the growth turn into nasty growths, which is not so easy to handle. Because of this location, it is possible the injury to the affected by HPV a skin patch, which in turn can lead to malignancy formation.

Some types of HPV the body, while restoring immune system, may be eliminated independently. This may occur during the term from 6 months to 2 years.

According to some experts, the body of individuals the virus persists in a dormant state until the weakening state of the nervous system. Therefore, it is believed: that before the better dressing for a few hours, however, given the location of the bending place to do it is not very convenient;

Removal of warts with garlic by smearing grated on a fine grater mass. To enhance the effect of garlic by adding vinegar and mixing with the flour. Put a bandage with such a pellet, the arm should be kept straight as much as possible;

Warm baths with infusion of thyme for 40-60 minutes. Effectively after baths to make the cake of softened propolis for 10-15 minutes;

For local use you can also use the Rowan berry (pulp to the wart), leaves of Kalanchoe (chopped to pulp), broth of potato sprouts.

There are other traditional methods, the mechanism of action of which on warts inexplicable, but effective, for example, many patients may be interested in the material — how to speak like a wart, or information about other methods of popular recipes.

  • bread ear beat on the surface of the warts, bury it in moist ground the root up;
  • cut the potato in half, One half to throw through the head, the second is to RUB the affected area and bury it in dry place until completely dry;
  • silk thread over the affected place several times to tie into knots, put in the cut potato, which is buried in the ground. When the potato rots, the skin is cleansed.

Another important point for a successful fight against warts is the phase of the moon:to do this is contraindicated when a young moon and full moon, and in the three days preceding him.

Whichever way the fight against warts is not selected, you should always consult with a doctor about its security and safety individually for each organism.