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Wart on genital lip (big): photo, treatment

Often warts can cause discomfort to women, originating in intimate places in the form of a pointed Kandil.

Such growths flesh tone appear in the area of the genitals as a result of the activity of HPV, which is present in the body almost every person and manifests itself in the moment of easing of the body and reduce immunity.

The features of this virus are that it can more than six months is in the body and does not manifest itself. During this period, infection is unlikely, the transmission may be carried out only through spontaneous tumors in the form of warts.

Catch the virus if possible

  • the handshake
  • the use of common things,
  • personal hygiene items.
  • However, warts on labia can appear as a result of sexual contact with a carrier of the virus when the contact healthy skin or mucous membrane with infected skin.
  • Including can be transmitted to a newborn during childbirth from an infected mother.

The risk of HPV in lesions of the genital organs

The human papilloma virus has several types. A virus affecting the genital area can be divided into two groups – high and low risk.

At high risk indicators the virus can cause cervical dysplasia, which leads to an increase in the risk of cervical cancer.

At low risk on the skin and mucous membranes occur genital warts that are not dangerous but can cause a lot of inconvenience to the media. These warts do not contribute to the development of cancer.

Such infection is one of the most common, which is transmitted sexually. To buy this virus can do absolutely anything, regardless of risk, frequency of sexual relations and number of partners. This virus can acquire everyone who is sexually active.

The manifestation of warts on the body

Typically, papillomavirus does not manifest itself for a long time until the person leads a healthy lifestyle. While warts in your private areas can occur only two percent of carriers of the virus as a result of lower immunity because of disease or General deterioration of health.

Occur warts, usually in places that are traumatized during sexual intercourse. They represent outgrowths of a width up to two inches of flesh tone in the form of the inflorescence of cauliflower. While warts on the body can multiply gradually.

Growths usually occur on the frenulum of the labia, large and small labia, the clitoris, the outer opening of the channel of urination, the eve of the vagina, hymen, vagina and the cervix.

Including the warts can grow around the anus, which is usually notconnected with the sexual relationship. The reason for this is the defeat of the virus of large areas of skin, including the groin, perineum and anus.

Especially warts on labia

Depending on how the immune system copes with the disease, warts can grow gradually to increase in size and number.

If immunity is strong enough, warts can stay the same, not evolving. And can also be cases of self-disappearance of warts from the skin and mucous membranes.

In General, warts do not have particular harm, but they cause discomfort during sexual intercourse, can strip off, resulting in bleeding and abscess.

Besides the fact of having growths in your private areas can disturb both aesthetic and psychological side, with both partners. Plus, the presence of warts during childbirth prevents the flow of normal birth.

Diagnosis of warts in your private areas

As a rule, to detect the presence of warts on the labia, is sufficient to conduct a thorough inspection of the genital organs in the home or on reception at the gynecologist.

Women often can be mistaken for warts micropapillae the labia in the form of small growths on the inner side of the labia and near the vagina. However, such tumors are the norm.

To prevent the occurrence of molluscum contagiosum and wide Kandil, indicating the development of syphilis, must pass a medical examination for HIV and syphilis. Including it will not hurt to get tested for the presence of other sexually transmitted diseases.

Additionally, women with the presence of HPV should be to undergo cervical screening and to take on the analysis of strokes in order to prevent possible dysplasia.

Treatment of warts and HPV

Today there are a variety of methods for treatment of warts on the intimate places, each method is not perfect and has pros and cons when using it.

To choose it follows the advice of a doctor, after inspection and examination. Sometimes the doctor may recommend not to touch the wart if it does no harm and promotes self-extinction.

To aggressive methods of wart removal, it is better not to resort, as these methods can harm the skin and may cause recurrence of tumors after their removal.

As for the HPV, to cure it is impossible, since modern medicine has not found a way of getting rid of this type of virus.

In this regard, the main goal is to get rid of external signs of activity of the virus to избежать830bleeding and injury to the wart.

Any of the possible methods of wart removal can have consequences, depending on the characteristics of the organism. The risk of effects after the surgery is about thirty percent.

The most common method of wart removal with labia is cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the wart is exposed to low temperature.

For this type of treatment does not require the use of anesthesia. This treatment is easily tolerated by the body and leaves no scars on the skin surface.

Laser method of removing warts is carried out using a laser beam. When it is used it is necessary to conduct the procedures of anesthesia and this method leaves scars on the skin and mucous membranes.

Therefore, the laser method is better to turn in last turn, if other methods are not suitable.

The method of electrocoagulation effect on the wart with the help of high temperatures, it forms a scar and some require the use of anesthesia.

In addition to inpatient treatment methods are the ways to remove warts at home. For this you need to purchase a special drug that is sold in any pharmacy.

Kondilin contains an extract of the plant barberry and removes the warts by necrosis of damaged tissues. During treatment you may experience burning, pain and redness of the skin, but after a few days, these events usually take place. The formulation is applied to the wart with a special applicator twice a day for three days.

After the need for a week to take a break and to continue treatment to completely get rid of the growths. Despite the fact that the drug is intended for self-treatment to remove warts is under the strict supervision of a physician. During treatment, sexual relations should be abandoned. Pregnant use Condyline prohibited.

Interferon is used to improve the immune system and stop the development of the virus in the body. This drug is applied to warts or injected intramuscularly. However, due to the large number of side effects this method of treatment is not recommended.

Imiquimod as a cream applied to the warts three times a week before going to bed. In the morning the preparation is washed off with water using soap. The procedure must be repeated until the complete disappearance of warts. This drug is effective, if the warts are small in size and has not spread on the skin. During pregnancy side effects is not known.

The prevention of warts

As a result of the physical removal of warts papillomavirus remains in the human body, it may, at anytime once again to become active and to cause warts. To avoid this, you should lead a healthy lifestyle and to monitor their health.

To maintain immunity level is to use immunostimulatory drugs, such as Immunal, Amiksin, Poludan and others. It is necessary to avoid hypothermia, severe emotional stress, fatigue, and beriberi.