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How to get rid of warts on the bottom (chicken, viral, subcutaneous, plantar): removal and treatment

Benign growths in the form of overgrown skin on the foot doctors are called plantar warts. In common such tumors referred to as spikes or tipici. They are formed on the human body because of the activity of various types of human papillomavirus.

Warts on the foot or Verruca plantaris represent outgrowths of the soles and toes, which not only causes discomfort, but also can be painful. In modern times this type of skin diseases in dermatology is the most common, which is found in many people.

The reasons for the formation

The most common cause of penetration of the virus into the body and formation of warts on the feet are cracks in the soles or other parts of the foot resulting from injury to the skin. Infection can occur through skin cuts, blisters, abrasions, eczema, scratches. The disease often causes excessive sweating of the feet, wearing too tight and uncomfortable shoes.

Be infected with a virus while in any public place where you want to take your shoes off in the sauna, steam bath, Solarium, gym, pool and many other such places. Also infection can occur when walking barefoot in places where he had been a carrier of the virus.

Therefore, going to the pool or sauna, always take a rubber slates. You also need to use your own shoes and not allow her to wear it to someone else. While visiting guests should use personal Slippers or walk in socks.


Often the external signs of warts on the foot are similar to normal blisters on my feet, however, to distinguish a wart from corn, perhaps by certain signs. First, the wart more often than not hurts, the pain starts only after a while when the tumor begins to grow.

Inside of warts there liquid, in contrast to calluses. In addition, the wart formed black spots that appear due to blockage of the inside of the body the warts are tiny blood vessels.

Very often a wart on the foot looks flat and thin inside of the soles, this is due to the regular pressure on the wart human body weight during walking or running. However, the growth of tumors comes from the inside, there are new wart skin growths. In this respect, interesting information in the article Plantar warts are very unpleasant and accompanied by features that cause discomfort, and the usual solution of cantharidin. The drug is applied on the plantar warts feet it is necessary to pre-rinsed, dried and prepared for processing. Directly affect the warts, the solution should during the day andmore. This method of treatment is applied every three weeks until the wart is completely down with the foot.

The most common way of getting rid of warts on the soles is the method of cryotherapy which is the use for the treatment of skin lesions with liquid nitrogen. This substance is used at a temperature of 196°C. the Liquid nitrogen completely freezes and destroys the internal cell structure of the warts on the feet, destroying pathological tissue. During the procedure the freezing procedure time is selected so that in the area of the lesion there is a white halo in diameter two millimeters. With the increase of freezing and prolonged exposure to liquid nitrogen on the skin can begin pain and form blisters as burns. To completely get rid of warts treatment freezing liquid nitrogen is held every two to three weeks. As a rule, after three such sessions with the foot warts disappear.

For the treatment of plantar warts apply various types of immunotherapy, of which there are several types. Best known and most common treatment for warts is the drug Imiquimod, which is considered to be a strong immune-stimulating agent that stimulates the body's production of human interferon-alpha and many other important cytokines. This drug comes in the form of a cream, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Imiquimod is applied on pre-cleaned and treated the affected area of skin three times a week.

Including very effective tools, proven over many years, are such a powerful immunotherapeutic tool as directed within a focal injections derived antigens. Thus, candidiasis is often used mumps antigen or antigen trihofitia. Such injections trigger reaction and stimulate the human body to the activity of the immune system in the fight against papillomavirus. Not all doctors use this method of treatment, however, this option is only if other methods of wart treatment has been ineffective.

New modern immuno-therapy drug for treatment of warts on the feet is Fluorouracil, which is produced in the form of a cream. This drug is recognized as effective and is able relatively quickly to get rid of unwanted growths on the soles.

Fluorouracil is applied twice a day to lubricate warts. On top of the drug is in the armband. Before using the product damage on the skin you want to sanitize.

Overall, before you know, and does not affect vessels that feed the wart. The root of the wartsinfected with papillomavirus, it remains in place and any moment can be activated again.

The use of laser therapy in the treatment process allows not only to remove the external warts, but to go deep inside the affected area, at what depth was the root of the wart. Thus the laser treatment helps to cure even tumors that are long enough on the skin and have grown deep into the tissue.

Also laser treatment for wart is safe for surrounding healthy tissue, the laser penetrates to the inside, without affecting the skin around the growth, and not damage it. After exposure to the laser marks on the skin from the surgery disappear very quickly – after two or three weeks.

Treatment of warts on foot with the help of folk remedies

There are many effective and tested ways of getting rid of warts using folk medicine. With the help of vinegar, garlic, juice of celandine and all sorts of conspiracies can't remove even large overgrown warts.

  • Before treating warts on the soles of the feet need to steam in hot water, wash thoroughly with soap and wipe with a towel and allow to dry. Garlic clove is cut across and is applied to the wart cut side. All this should be fixed with a bandage or band-aid and keep on the affected skin for half an hour. After the dressing is removed, the upper part of the wart must be carefully cut with nail scissors or scrubbing with a pumice stone. This will speed up the process of dealing with a plantar wart. This procedure should be repeated every day for two weeks. After this time the wart should go.
  • Effective remedy for treatment of warts on the feet is the juice of celandine. To do this, cut-side plants several times a day every day is necessary to lubricate unwanted growths. The procedure is carried out for ten days until the complete disappearance of warts. In some cases, you may need about a month to the skin became healthy.
  • Often to remove warts on the feet, apply a solution of vinegar. Wart steamed in hot water, and washed her gently drip the vinegar every day until the wart disappears. To healthy skin has not suffered from burns during treatment of warts, clean sites stick with band-aid.

Sometimes you can use very strange methods, for example, you can learn how to speak the wart.

Treatment and preventive measures

To warts is not formed again on the skin, it is important to monitor their health, to observe measures of personal hygiene and regularly carry out preventive antiviral andspecial immunocorrective therapy.

In the preventive purposes it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the feet, to wash them regularly and not to forget about security measures during a visit to public places such as baths, saunas, showers, pools. It is forbidden to walk barefoot on dirty surfaces, you should always use appropriate to the weather conditions and footwear that rubs and well ventilated air.

The beaches are also recommended to wear rubber Slippers to protect the foot skin from injury, contamination, and contact with a possible infection. It is important to use your own shoes and not to use other people's socks, shoes and other personal belongings.

When communicating with people who already has warts on the feet or other body parts, you need to follow all precautions not to get infected with a virus. All sorts of things, having contact with infected areas of the body should be washed in hot water using soap. Such action will not allow the spread of infection and to form on the feet the warts.