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Warts in children: what to do and how to treat

Warts is a viral disease that is characterized by the occurrence of growths protruding above the level of the skin. The disease can occur in both adults and in children, especially those aged 12-17 years. Photos of these growths is eloquent enough.

Such benign tumors, warts in a child, on the surface of the skin caused by activation of human papillomavirus. Usually, warts appear on the soles, the face and hands, feet.

Warts in children grow quickly and may recur. For warts characteristic change of color, shape, and in some cases these tumors can bleed and cause unpleasant pain.

Causes of warts

Factors that cause warts on the skin can be quite a lot. First and foremost is the factor of virus, they appear as a result of contact with a carrier of the human papillomavirus, swimming with him in the swimming pool or when using shared toys.

Medicine is known also mechanisms that contribute to the penetration of papilloma:

  • excessive sweating of the feet;
  • microtrauma of the skin;
  • the decrease in the level of protective forces of organism;
  • cramped and not comfortable shoes.

Onset of the disease is shown on the background of a sharp decline in the body's resistance to various viruses.

Warts on the face occur due to poor hygiene, namely because of the use of other people's personal items: washcloths, towels, cosmetics. In addition, skin damage can also cause growths, do not forget that there is the virus factor.

Quite often warts are striking the upper limb and fingers. This can be caused by various micro-cracking of the skin, prolonged and frequent games in the water, hypothermia of the skin, as well as disregard, regular washing of hands after visiting the transport, public areas and walks outside.

Also noted the frequent appearance of warts on the soles and legs of the child. Such growths in the skin may result from the visit of bodies of water or indoor pools, but subject to injury in the skin. Lead to such tumors can still uncomfortable shoes and lack of hygiene of feet.

Types of warts and their symptoms

Children may be susceptible to any types of skin defects such as warts, as a rule, it is:

  • ordinary (vulgar) warts. These viral growths of gray-brown color and are characterized by the shape of the dome. The growth of solid occurs on the skin of the fingers, knees, elbows. Vulgar warts may be multiple and coalesce with each other. Typically, the total weight of such entities is the parent – the biggestwart. If you remove it, it can disappear and all the rest. Skin affected with the virus, uneven and rough to the touch;
  • plantar. These viral growths are characterized by gray color and quite dense structure due to the keratinization of epithelial cells. They deliver a lot of discomfort while walking;
  • flat (youthful). Such tumor is smooth enough and with a flat top. Usually occur on the elbows, knees, face and hands. In color they are brown, yellow or pink. Flat warts affects children older than 10 years;
  • filiforme. Usually located on the neck, the nose, around the mouth or eyes. These warts are flesh colored and finger-like shape.

The bulk of these varieties of skin growths are completely safe, they are not reborn and can cause complications. However, there were cases of carcinogenic warts.

How to diagnose?

It is very important to consult a dermatologist for examination of the body, because it is impossible to proceed with the removal of warts. It is imperative to differentiate these tumors from other neoplasms of different nature, contagious molluscum, red flat deprive, as well as tuberculosis warty.

To do this, the doctor may prescribe additional studies. Only after that you can proceed to the manipulation of the warts. If we talk about ways to get rid of them, it could be:

  • removal with laser;
  • cryotherapy;
  • medication methods of treatment;
  • getting rid of the build-up method of self-hypnosis (gipnosuggestevna method).

Some warts can disappear on their own, however, in most cases, this occurs not earlier than six months after their occurrence. There have been instances when these skin growths are not held for much longer time.

Despite the infectiousness of children's warts, doctors do not start their treatment without a good reason. These include: unpleasant painful feelings, change their colors, the sharp increase in the number of, and psychological and physical discomfort from the presence of warts on the body of the child.

Drugs for the treatment of growths

There are many ointments and other tools, which you can treat warts on the hands and feet. They are all gentle and gently affect the skin of the child. They can lubricate the affected places with a papilloma for 14 days. After this time, the growths will begin to be peeled away from the skin to blacken and gradually disappear.

Well established ointment: "Oxolinic", "Tebrofenovaya," and "Ftorurazila". No less effective solutions for cauterization of warts: "Solkoderm" (recommended for children from 5 years), Duofilm (from 2 years)"Supercrystal", it is also important to know the most effective ways to help the child to get rid of warts on hands include the intake of Magnesium, vitamin A, purified sulphur. In addition, recommended gipnosuggestevna therapy, various funds on the basis of lactic, salicylic and benzoic acids, resorcinol, phonophoresis, border rays of Bukki, UHF, all this may be in hospitals make doctors. Learn more in our article — Warts on the foot: treatment.

To remove plantar warts need to be burning "Cheap", trehalase acid, and curettage (scraping).

How to prevent?

Measures to prevent the occurrence of warts include the child accustomed to the rules of hygiene: regular hand washing, use of personal hygiene products and don't do tragedy, if growths still appeared, but simply to treat them.

In addition, it is necessary to actively raise the level of immunity of the child, as well as limiting contact with those who can be a source of human papilloma virus.