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Genital warts: treatment and removal of warts

Genital warts are a direct result of papillomatosis, infection that is transmitted sexually from person to person. It is important to emphasize that this infection is not a harmless disease, even though her vneshnetorgovoe there may be solely warts.

Annual growth papillomatous disease, and States that is becoming more and more percentage of cancer complications of genital HPV that is.

The causative agent of genital warts

The causative agent of papillomatosis seem to be a virus Papoviride. It belongs to the family of DNA-containing viruses that can transform and is a disease of infectious type. The virus can manifest on:

  • the mucous membrane of the mouth,
  • the skin
  • conjuctive,
  • bronchi,
  • the esophagus,
  • genital organs.


Today in medicine are described in more 70 different viruses that belong to the papillomatosis. Genital warts are presented by types of the virus that relate to transmitted through sexual intercourse. Thus, it may be an infected birth canal. As for the pregnancy, warts on the genitals during this period always show a tendency to growth and recurrence.

Warts do not just grow, but become loose. This reaction is due to the fact that pregnancy has on the body immunosuppressive effect, ie reduced immunity. It should be noted and the independent regression of warts on the genitals after birth.

Predisposing factors for the development of genital warts

Genital warts not just combined with a variety of diseases that are sexually transmitted, but also a progressive form. From diseases that genital warts can be combined note:

  • urogenital chlamydia,
  • mycoplasmosis,
  • cytomegalovirus and herpes infection
  • bacterial vaginosis.

Unfortunately, such a bunch of warts on the penis and sexually transmitted infections, leads to the fact that both problems are of chronic nature of the flow.

However, increasing the time of treatment both problems, an increasing number of relapses that occur in patients, and after it was conducted mechanical destruction of the genital warts, complete healing is possible only after complete healing of associated RFP.

Define additional factors that lead to the recurrence of warts on the genitals:

  • a decrease of immunological reactivity (the body's defenses),
  • hypothermia,
  • intercurrent (concurrent)disease
  • hormonal disorders,
  • medical procedures, including abortions
  • the introduction of the IUD (intrauterine contraceptives)
  • pregnancy
  • promiscuity (promiscuity in sexual relations and the frequency of unprotected contacts).


Diagnosis of warts on the floor. the authorities do not seem to be a complex task, as papillomatous growths is perfectly possible to see with the naked eye. Problems of diagnosis can arise in the early stages of the disease when warts are still too small and more like a simple roughness on the surface of the penis.

In this case, the main method of diagnosis can be considered as cytological examination of biopsy specimens and smears. With the defeat of the vagina and cervix need to use the most simple method of diagnosis is testing, Panicola (PAP test). With regard to the use of the PCR method, it is used to determine oncogenetic types of virus.

Treatment of genital warts

Today never developed treatment for HPV, so all methods based only on removing the symptoms of the virus, that is, the removal of warts. In addition, the use of drugs that should slow down the process of development of the virus in the body.

Therapeutic methods against warts show a high enough percentage of a positive outcome, but in a quarter of cases in the first three months after removal of warts on the genitals, relapse occurs, and papillomatous lesions returned.

The recurrence of the idea of genital warts is most often associated with the fact that there is reactivation of the infection. Not that re-infection from a sexual partner. In the absence of therapy genital warts can either continue to evolve or not to evolve, or self-destruct.

This is not to completely eliminate latent course of the disease, when it is generally without clinical manifestations. When choosing treatment, the doctor tries to avoid practices that can lead to toxic schemes, or the formation of scars.

Naturally, with concomitant infection and STIs, accurate diagnosis is necessary to coordinate treatment regimens in the complex. In itself, the treatment of genital warts takes into account the General condition of the patient, concomitant diseases, the wishes of the patient, but most importantly, each treatment is always individual. In the treatment of genital warts the following techniques are used: Destructive

  • surgical excision,
  • electrosurgical methods
  • cryotherapy,
  • surgical diathermy,
  • laser therapy.

The chemical method uses nitric acid,Trichloroacetic acid Solkoderm, cheap. In addition, there are a number of drugs that treat cytotoxic avail, is:

  • podophyllin,
  • The podophyllotoxin,
  • 5-fluorouracil.

Treatment can also be used immunological technique in which the main role played by the interferons: Laferon, cycloferon. The best option of treatment of genital warts recognized to be a comprehensive approach where attention is paid not only destructive method, that is, the destruction of warts on the penis, but antiviral therapy and immunomodulation. It can be noted that the treatment of warts folk remedies, also makes sense given that the impact is only on precipitation, but not for the virus.

Possible cure for genital warts

Despite the fact that it is now accepted that the human papilloma virus once in the body remains there forever, according to the latest data, 50% of patients, with the defeat of low degree, there is complete regression of the disease. And warts on the genitals all appear, as well as there is a complete cure from the virus.