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Than get rid of a wart at home

Warts are formed on the skin in the form of a small education because of the activity of the human papillomavirus, which is the body of almost everyone. One or many lesions may appear in any person, regardless of age.

Often warts can be seen in the arms, legs, armpits or chest. Including growths can appear in the most unexpected and inaccessible places, e.g. at the genitals, on the head, face and other parts of the body.

Warts usually have a fairly standard form of a knot, covered with rough skin or fine bubbles. Such tumors, despite the unpleasant appearance, is not painful and quite often can, after some time alone disappear, without the use of required treatment for their removal. The reason for the formation of skin warts are small cracks in the skin, excessive sweating, sebaceous glands and, accordingly, viruses that enter the body.

Upon detection of the skin of unknown tumors is primarily to go to the doctor to find out whether the formation of a wart. Also the doctor, after examination and making a diagnosis will suggest the required method of treatment of the disease. Such methods include such well-known and effective methods like cryotherapy, cauterization of warts using electricity, the use of various gels, ointments and folk traditional and non-traditional ways.

If the wart does not pose a threat to health, remove unwanted growths can home when using proven tools that painlessly and quickly cope with the problem. This article provides various effective techniques that are used for removing warts, even our grandmothers. All of them are safe and effective. And be sure to Perd starting treatment need to know For those who have sensitive skin, this procedure may seem very tangible. Two hours later, dry ice is re-applied to the growths. After three or four such treatments on dry freezing warts from the skin disappear and no longer appear.

Using milkweed to get rid of warts within a few days. Fresh juice of the plant is carefully lubricated the tumor, after which the wart should turn black.

Next, with the help of manicure scissors to carefully cut the top crust warts without affecting healthy skin and again, fluff of Euphorbia unwanted build-up. The procedure is repeated every day until the wart will not be completely cut off and will not disappear with the skin surface.

Salicylic acid and Apple

Nice killsordinary warts salicylic acid. Before starting the process, need to steam build-up in the hot tub and gently put salicylic acid on the wart swollen.

To completely get rid of tumors require several such treatments. For each hot bathrooms to be using a pumice stone to gently remove the top layer of the warts and after a bath to re-cauterize portavoce neoplasm. Repeat the procedure until the complete disappearance of a young wart. Perhaps in the process of removing useful material — Preferably a similar procedure done before bed to pack was able to hold out all night. To lotions and compresses it is necessary for several days until the skin is cleared of unwanted growths.

Ordinary power of attorney salt is mixed with the juice of horseradish, and the resulting composition is rubbed into the wart. At night, make lotions from the mixture. It is effective against viral warts.

Effective use to remove warts hydrogen peroxide, mixed with vaseline or any nourishing cream. The resulting mixture is rubbed into tumors throughout the week until the warts completely wavedata.

Polynya are able to remove unwanted growths quickly and completely. To do this you must prepare an infusion of the polynya. Warts are treated three times a day received by the agent. After a thorough rubbing of the infusion warts dry up and disappear on their own after steaming the skin.

Potatoes and lemon

There are then several rare and forgotten recipes that were used in the olden days our grandparents. The recipes for the rituals can only be found in old books which are now not available to many.

For the procedure to get rid of warts require fresh potatoes. A medium size raw potato cut in half, the cut side of both halves carefully rubbed of the wart, after which the potato slices are added together, unite and bind a woolen thread.

Connected potatoes have to stand on the street and throw away from the house in the woods where no people go. According to Russian beliefs, after the potatoes are completely rot in the ground, all warts on the body, which rubbed the potato will disappear. In addition to potatoes, you can use apples, beets, carrots and other vegetables susceptible to decay.

For the second national prescription, healing from warts, there would be the normal ash. With this purpose, you should get a handful of matches from a large tree to break off they have a sulfur head and completely burn the remaining wood sticks. The resulting coal is pounded into a powder and to himadded a few drops of cold water to make a thick paste of black color.

With the help of this slurry is well lubricated warts. After drying the slurry is not crumbled, processed the build-up stick with a regular band-aid. Every day the procedure for applying a slurry to borodavchenko the build-up must be repeated, burning a new part of matches. After four or five days, the warts on the skin after the procedure will begin, cordivari, gradually shrink and disappear. So soon, all undesirable growths wither and disappear.

For the third folk recipe against warts use lemons, or rather, specially prepared infusion of thick lemon peel. To prepare the solution, take two small lemons, which you have to remove the peel.

Lemon peel is carefully crushed, placed in a glass jar and filled with a solution of 9% vinegar. After the Bank closed tightly, placed in a dark place and infuse the mixture for for weeks.

Jar each day, gently shake. After the solution has rested, it is filtered through cheesecloth and poured into a separate jar. Obtained by means of grease portavoce growths several times a day for several days until the wart completely from the skin appear, and no matter it is a wart on the pubes, or on the face.