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How to remove papilloma in the home

Papilloma – a benign tumor, which is a consequence of infection with human papilloma virus. This virus is recognized as one of the most common, and according to some estimates, in a certain type, it is almost everyone.

Despite the fact that the papilloma is a benign tumor, there is a certain risk of its degeneration into a malignant tumor, and in this sense a very useful article about what

We have identified more than one hundred types of human papillomavirus, and almost every one of them may be responsible for some rash on the human body.

It may also be noted that most often the virus is found in women. Virus transmission is quite easy, it requires contact with infected skin and the penetration of the infectious agent occurs through damage to the skin, in addition, the virus is transmitted through sexual contact.

Such common methods of transmission and is characterized by then as extensive coverage of HPV in the population. Note that the papilloma can appear absolutely anywhere on the human body, including the genitals of both men and women. By the way, you need to be aware of what is dangerous genital warts on the genitals.

As we said above, the virus changes the structure of tissues, and formation of tumors of the benign type. However, there are several types of the virus that relate to carcinogenic, and they represent a danger of degeneration into a malignant tumor.

Let us, before you go to the options remove warts at home, the benefit of a Special tool sold in the pharmacy with the applicator. Them gently on the affected area of the skin nitrogen is applied directly to the papilloma, see photo). Most importantly, not to touch healthy skin areas. When freezing papilloma of necrosis in tissue, and it's coming off, issakha.

Another method is to use special destructive tools in the form of strips, are glued to the papilloma. Enough to stick one strip for three hours on the papilloma.

Very popular method – removal of papillomas celandine. Here we have in mind not so much the use of all known herbs, namely, special chemical composition, which destroys the structure of papilloma. Called this composition "mountain celandine", it is applied strictly by the applicator on the body warts, and after about 7 days, any papilloma blackens and falls off.

We can say that the universal

In younger plants in the structure does not have enough keratolytic components that are required in the removal of papillomas.
Fortreatment just need to cut this sheet and attach the slice to the papilloma. The sheet is fixed by the patch for 4 hours.

The course of treatment is for 10 days. The next remedy to remove warts can be recognize the celandine, but not chemical composition, namely natural. And you can use the infusion of celandine both water and alcohol based.

Before you apply the infusion on the skin, cover thoroughly will need to steam and prepare it that way. Steaming can hold warm soda baths. Such a course of treatment can be calculated for 10 days.

A great destructive impact on HPV has tea tree oil, and, interestingly, tea tree oil is able to influence even the virus, due to the fact that it consists of volatile substances. Undiluted tea tree oil is gently applied to the body of HPV within two weeks, twice a day, morning and evening.

Features removal

The methods do well with tumors, but not every papilloma can and should be removed at home. First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the color of papillae, their shape and size. Without prior consultation with the dermatologist it is impossible to remove papilloma.

  • Dark, black or red.
  • It has a large size.
  • The surface of the papilloma eaten.
  • If it is on delicate skin areas, for example, in the armpits.

In addition, it would be correct to send some papillomavirus on histological examination, which would confirm its purity. There may be important information on developments, if it is black.

What to do after removal of papillomas

As just removal of papillomas does not cure the virus, recurrence is possible in the near future. In order to avoid the appearance of papillomas again, you just need to conduct proper preventive maintenance, and it includes:

  • Vitamin therapy. For this purpose, the course lasting two to three months. In vitamin course should pay special attention to zinc, which inhibits replication of the virus in the body.
  • Attention to personal hygiene and skin care.
  • You must avoid stress and normalize sleep.

You have full support, and most importantly, over the protective functions of the immune system, which will not allow the warts to return.