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How to get rid of warts on hands and fingers

Warts causes people a lot of inconvenience both practical and aesthetic plan. Infected with papillomavirus, which causes warts on the skin, simply.

This virus enters the body through small wounds or cracks in the skin by direct contact with a carrier of the virus, as well as use common things with people who have the warts.

The incubation period of the virus is up to six months. However, the strong immune system the body is able to fight papillomavirus, stopping it from multiplying, but the virus just goes into a state of "hibernation". Unfortunately, still no one medicine that could deal with HPV.

In other words, the warts appear, as a rule, the weakening of the immune system because of stress, hormonal disorders, fatigue and other adverse factors for human health.

The virus is able to spread through warm and moist air in closed spaces, so often warts can appear after visiting the saunas, public baths, swimming pools, sports and gyms. In most cases the virus is on the hands and transferred to another person through this part of the body.

The appearance of warts on hands

Hands are the main source of transmission of the virus, so that they formed an unfavorable environment.

The wart you can earn money with

  • the usual handshake.
  • with the use of common carrier domestic things
  • use towels,
  • through the railing,
  • door handles,
  • in the presence of microcracks fast enough the virus enters the body and can cause the appearance of warts.

Therefore, the main way to save yourself is to observe rules of personal hygiene.

Warts by their appearance can hardly be called a disease. If untreated, unwanted growths can grow in size and number, to remain in the same condition or gradually disappear.

Often they are without any interference disappear from the surface of the skin alone, this is especially the case in children with good health. But adults and people with lowered immunity warts rarely leave.

However, it is worth remembering that any treatment of warts on hands first resolve signs of the presence of the virus, the wart disappears, but the virus is still in the human body.

Therefore, the virus re-showed no activity, you must monitor their health, eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle and strengthen the body.

Get rid of warts by medication

All treatments for warts on hands are reduced to their removal from the skin surface. Removes the tumor asindependently at home and with the help of doctors.

For self-treatment are all kinds of products that you can buy at the pharmacy. When using them you need to use gloves, be careful to act strictly according to instructions.

The use of drugs is contraindicated in diabetes, or disorders of the circulatory system. You also cannot use drugs in the presence of inflammation or irritation on the skin.

Before using drugs should be carefully soften the wart and the surrounding skin tissue.

This is perfect salicylic ointment, which is applied to the skin area, covered with foil and fixed with adhesive plaster. An hour later, the bandage is removed, and the skin steams in hot water mixed with soap and soda, for fifteen minutes.

To the removal procedure wart to spend carefully and not to harm healthy skin, you should use the band-aid in which is cut a small hole the size of a wart. Therefore, the adhesive tape attached to the skin and protects the surrounding skin. After steamed wart is applied to a selected drug.

Removal of warts on the hands are used such as freezing drug Kriofarma. The drug should be applied carefully so as not to affect the healthy skin areas. The tumor will disappear in a week, leaving no trace.

Effective is the drug Kondelin, which is gently applied twice a day to the wart for three days. After a break of four days and the procedure is repeated. The treatment is carried out until the wart disappears but not for more than about five weeks.

With Verrucaria you can get rid of warts. However, this medication can cause pain, the removal of warts heal for a very long time, so not recommended for children.

Similar effect have drugs such as Solkoderm and Vartek, however the latter drug is contraindicated in children, adults, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

No less popular drugs that melt the wart tissue with the help of a special composition. Kolomak in the form of a solution applied to the lesion one drop twice a day for the entire week. This drug is recommended for adults and children older than one year.

For removing unwanted growths apply a special adhesive tape, impregnated with a special compound that destroys warts. Adhesive tape is attached to the wart and lasts three hours. After the tape is softened with water and carefully removed from the skin along with the wart.

After removal of warts growths did not appear again, is the first time to useantiviral gels. It is also important to take vitamins and immune-boosting medicines to promote health.

Treatment of warts on hands for medical conditions

Removal in a medical setting under the supervision of doctors is the most effective and popular way. Prior to treatment, a physician conducts a thorough analysis of skin and tumors.

Painless method is the removal of warts using laser technology. Laser device removes education and cauterizes blood vessels. This technology does not leave scars on the skin.

Liquid nitrogen leads to the death of the infected tissue by using freezing. However, this method is not always recommended because of the possible destruction of healthy cells of the skin in contact with nitrogen.

Surgical removal of warts prescribed by doctors with significant skin lesion or the development of warts in the tumor. The operation is carried out under the influence of anesthesia.

After the wound a very long and painful to heal, forming a scar, however, this option nevus removal allows you to remove completely all the dangerous tissue.

Electrocoagulation in layers cuts the wart under the influence of high frequency electric current. After the outgrowth dries up and disappears. Remaining after surgery the stain soon disappears.