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How to talk to wart: deliverance from the conspiracy of papillomas

Warts often cause a huge inconvenience to their medium, so people tend to get rid of them.

There are a lot of ways – wart in medical terms, the use of medicines in the home, and also appeal to folk medicine.

Folk medicine since ancient times is considered proven by many centuries way. And to add efficiency, people often resort to a kind of magic. Rituals for getting rid of unnecessary growths, there are many.

How to do a magical ritual

Before conducting the ceremony for the getting rid of warts, you need to undergo certain training and how to learn what needs to be done.

It is important to remember that with magic, even white, not to be trifled with, so make use of it too frequently is not recommended.

After the implementation of the conspiracy, you should wait at least a month, before again repeating the procedure or proceeding to another rite. Making any acts of conspiracy, you must first believe that it will come true, only in this case, the ritual will be effective and can help in getting rid of unwanted growths.

Must strictly adhere to all of the above rules, the result was positive. It is important to remove all doubt, but in this case, the plot will benefit, not harm.

Conspiracies better to read a woman because female body is more sensitive to healing magic. Spoke man should be kind to someone who read the plot, not to envy and not to be angry.

Talk to a wart on the dawn

To perform this ritual, you need to Wake up earlier in the morning star, come in the box and read aloud the words: "Father and Son Holy Spirit deliver me, the servant of God (name) From the scourge of crappy, to overcome it and help (pointing to the ridge). Amen!". Three times saying the words you need, not turning around to go home. After a month the wart will disappear.

If nothing has changed, all actions should be restarted. to get rid of unnecessary growths, focused on the fading, is very effective. For it you need to take the first fruit, e.g., Apple.

At the dawn of the need to cut the fruit into two parts. The first half is eaten, and the second Polish build-up, and whispering the words: "Apple-the Apple, the wart take away, take from me forever.

As apples will wither and it will not. Amen!". The phrase is spoken three times. Next, the Apple slice is placed in a Sunny spot. When it dries, you need to bury half in the ground far from the place of residence. Usually by this time the build-up disappears from the skin.

The rite of potatoes

Including rite against growths using fresh potatoes. Ritual need to provide earlyin the morning.

The potato is cut into two slices and rubbed them growth, you need three times to utter the magic phrase: "How potatoes hand I wiped, so let them warts pass! Amen!".

Then the two halves are joined together, firmly wrapped in a long thread, and buried in the earth, whispering: "As the potatoes will rot and wart pass!". Especially from wool.

You need to count the number of growths on the skin, wrap the twig thread as many times as there are warts, and bury it all, whispering the words: "Like a rotting rope, Yes a twig, and all my warts will rot!".

After a while all warts are gone for the twig and clears the skin.

Plot the tree

This particular ritual from Siberian healer is considered to be very effective. You pour in a bucket of water and infuse it for eleven days. When it's dawn, the waning moon, you need to get some fresh air, go to birch, to sit next to her and wash hands with liquid from the bucket.

At this point, nine times pronounces the words: "My hands with water my wash away warts! Take it from me, leaving my body! In the land of water, and a place where them! Amen!". The water flows into the ground, and after thirty days the hands will be cleansed of unnecessary entities.

Ritual full moon ritual on the bow

This ceremony is done only at full moon. Need, coming out at night to stand under the moon and the lighting was on the growths.

Seven times pronounced the prayer: "the Wart, sat, sat, sat, Yes flew on the lunar legs to them on the track!".

Each time the wart lunavada and splevyval over his left shoulder. Such a ritual is to hold three times to make sure all the buildup from the body disappeared. Additionally, you can learn something to cure warts with remedies from the pharmacy, to accurately and certainly to get rid of unpleasant build-up.

Several growths will help to get rid of purple onion. You have to cut it into two parts and RUB each slice warts, three times whispering over each knot words: "In the bulb of the warts, in an onion!".

Next, the onion belongs to the intersection where there are no people left on earth.