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Treatment of human papillomavirus in women

A benign tumor, which is caused by the human papilloma virus called papilloma. The disease can be felt only after 2-3 months after its inception. Regardless of gender, infection with the virus occurs equally. Papilloma often affects those people who have a weakened immune system. At risk of infection with the virus are men and women who reject promiscuity, smoke a lot and actively abuse alcohol. In addition, oral contraceptives can also become the cause of the disease, especially if used long term.

This disease can not only cause trouble in the form of a cosmetic defect or the growing of a rash, but also be fraught with quite serious likelihood of cancer in women. In some cases, there may be bleeding or respiratory failure and a normal voice suffering from the disease.

Ways of infection with a virus

Be transmitted HPV can infected areas of the skin, where it touched the body of a healthy person. As a rule, in the superiority of cases, the disease is transmitted sexually. This probability is approximately 70 percent.

In recent years, the papilloma begins to occur and those young people who have not even begun to be sexually active. The reason can be various mental and emotional shocks, prolonged intake of medicines, problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the disease may be the consequence of influenza, visit common areas e.g. swimming pool or sauna where the skin is not protected by a layer of clothing.

There are cases of infection from even those who live together with the person or is in close enough touch with him. This can occur not only through close contact but also through common household items. This same attribute and infection through sexual intercourse with a sick papilloma.

If a pregnant woman suffers from HPV, it is almost guaranteed it will be passed to her baby. It is for this compelling reason, it is important to start close to each other people to start treatment at the same time, otherwise the delete will fail.

Methods of treatment of papilloma

The human papilloma virus manifests itself in the form of warts, and as such treatment of papilloma no. To protect yourself from them can be subject to some precautions:

  • avoid damp;
  • maximum be wary of scratches and other damage to the skin;
  • try to maintain immune system;
  • resist stress.

Under no circumstances should one try a wart or papilloma to pick open or scratched. Such actions will provoke evengreater activity of the virus. As soon as the wart immediately, you must contact your doctor. If this is not done, the tumor may grow and increase in size.

If you do not get rid of them, that person will always hurt warts that almost always leads to infection and no treatment of warts will not help. It may entail still other, less serious trouble with his health, because the infection can get on the healthy areas of the skin and increase the virus-infected places.

As for removal, it is a very good result gives a method of electrocoagulation. When using it on the skin will be no trace of papilloma. There are other, equally effective ways to eliminate such cosmetic defects, and the treatment of papillomas is conducted by the elimination of external manifestations.

These include: radiosurgery, chemical coagulation, and cryotherapy and laser. In addition, actively used local action, for example, the introduction of interferon in the foci of infection. Such procedures help to improve the immunity and prevent the recurrence of papillomas.

Under no circumstances it is impossible to remove the growths on their own! Such actions lead to serious inflammation and can cause infections of other organs.

Drugs and the treatment of papillomas

Pharmacology offers several options for medicines to eliminate the human papillomavirus. It may be creams and ointments, for example, "Kondinin", "Bonafton", "al'dora. These tools are specially designed, based on the medicinal plants which can help in the treatment. The recipes of these funds have been borrowed from folk medicine, which is already quite a lot of time struggling with the disease.


This method of getting rid of growths and warts considered to be the most popular. Its essence consists in the cauterization of tumors with electric current of high frequency or DC.

That electrocoagulation has a number of advantages over other methods such as chemical cauterization. One of the main can be called a real opportunity to make preliminary histological studies that can help in the elucidation of the causes of the warts. The opportunity arises due to the fact that the tumor is dried and well separated from the skin.

It is important to note that there are also disadvantages of the method. They are enclosed in a high probability of occurrence of scars on the surface of the skin after removal of the growth, moreover, Laser treatment has become one of the latest methods of removing papillomas. This technology gives excellentthe ability to get rid of the hated growths without unnecessary suffering. This is possible thanks to the carbon dioxide laser, which removes tumors using a beam of sufficiently high temperature. All possible pain maximum blocked due to the fact that the laser is simultaneously cools the skin. by the way, also goes by laser removal of moles.

The cost of this method of removal can be very high, but completely justified, after all, has a number of advantages:

  • contact the used tool from the operated skin is missing, which ensures complete safety and sterility;
  • — modern devices are completely eliminate the appearance of scars, burns and scars, because high-quality equipment only affects the Horny layer of the skin.

In addition, during the evaporation of growths on the skin the rays of the carbon dioxide laser, the stimulation of the cells, causing their division. This enables the wounds on the skin to heal quickly and without scarring.

Chemical disposal

Moxibustion is not really caught on in practice since this method has not proven to be highly effective, and the risk of injury, on the contrary, high. Because of this, the cost of services for the chemical disposal are quite low, however, there is no reasonable excuse for the risk, despite the reasonable cost of the procedure.