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Cure HPV: drugs from human papillomavirus

The appearance of papillomas on the human body due to the deterioration of human papillomavirus (HPV), which is located in the body of almost everyone. The owners are both women and men, regardless of age.

At the moment, the medicine still has not learned to excrete from the human body this virus, and all means of treating warts is to remove external signs that prevent human.

Papillomas can appear absolutely anywhere on the skin, including mucosal surfaces.

These benign tumors can be transmitted in the form of the virus through handshakes, shared household items, shared closed spaces with high humidity, for example, sauna or bath.

Also the virus can become active in people with irregular sexual relations, women do abortion and people with poor health.

The manifestation of HPV

Most often, the papillomas appear in person at the time of lowering of the immune system and deterioration of the General condition of the body.

Therefore, in the prevention of papillomas in the first place, it is recommended to take care of your health, support the immune system, to consume vitamins and frequently wash their hands.

In General, the virus, once in the body, can lie dormant for nine months. Most often, the virus aktiviziruyutsya three months later in the form of papillomas. At the first signs of the virus should contact with dermatologist for analysis of the skin.

For women it's important to undergo regular examination by a gynecologist to confirm the absence of any adverse developments in the vagina.

Before planning pregnancy also should be examined for the presence of papillomavirus in the body. If the results are positive, doctors will conduct a survey of uterine cells.

Treatment for papillomas

Today in the pharmacy there are many drugs for the treatment of papillomas. However, before applying you must consult a dermatologist to conduct a thorough examination of the tumor, to ensure that the tumor is benign and removing it will not bring harm to health. The removal of warts is not always recommended, as over time, a benign tumor can disappear on their own. It is important to remember that removing a papilloma, papilloma virus from the human body is not removed, and may re-occur at any time.

For quick removal of warts using trichloroacetic acid. This tool gently dropped on growth, it is important to make sure that the drug did not get on healthy skin areas. Interferon is used as a cleansing the skin with any type of HPV.

With the help of Isoprinosine is an inhibitory effect on the development ofpapillomavirus, in addition, this drug has properties that enhance the immune system. This tool is used only under the supervision of a specialist, two tablets three times a day for two weeks.

Local treatment

Effective anticancer agent is a Podophyllin, which is applied to the papilloma and aged for four hours.

Ointment Viferon smear the affected areas three times a day throughout the month. The interferon that is part of the drug, activates the immune system.

Kolomak is a solution with salicylic acid, which softens papillomas, after which the growth is easily and painlessly removed. You need to handle papilloma twice a day, requires the use of one drop.

Homeopathic drug Malavit is considered effective for removing papillomas and warts. Cotton wool moistened in the solution and attached with the help of plaster to the wart. The procedure must be repeated until the skin is completely clear.

Including for the treatment of papillomas is used a solution of iodine. A cotton swab dipped in the solution and every day cauterize the tumor. After a certain time it will turn black and disappear.


In parallel with the removal of papillomas is to use antiviral drugs that reduce the activity of viruses in the body. To improve the immunity to apply vitamins, immune-boosting tools to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right.

From folk remedies the most popular is the greater celandine, is able to remove the tumor in a few days. As additional to the basic treatment antiviral drugs are the most effective ginseng, radiogram pink, Chinese Magnolia vine.