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Genital warts: treatments and ways of infection

In Greek, the language of warts means a growth or a tumor and it is in this appearance of warts and is presented on the skin. More precisely, warts – liner growth on the epidermis which can be in the process of inflammation. Most often warts occur in places of constant friction in the genital area, the latter led to the fact that the warts are often called genital wart. Among the growth we can distinguish two types:

  1. Widespread warts.
  2. Genital warts.

In this article we will talk about the genital warts – small growths are flesh-colored, which belong to the viral disease, the agent acts on the immune system depends entirely on the number of growths and their size. However, they can long time does not change and does not continue growth and development. However, warts can cause a lot of inconvenience especially in terms of intimate life. It should be noted that every second person on the planet today are infected with one or more types of human papillomavirus. Therefore, all studies show that most often people are infected by warts genital type occurs in sexual contact.

Treatment warts

Despite the fact that medicine offers a sufficient number of ways to remove genital warts, it is impossible to say that there is one universal method that could once and for all to save people from the virus. Moreover, each of the proposed methods has its clear advantages and disadvantages. The absence of a universal method of the treatment leads us to the fact that all the proposals work to eliminate the consequences of the presence in the body of the virus, ie removal of warts, but not cure the HPV. In addition, the treatment does not imply that in the future will not happen recurrence, genital warts are not formed again on the skin. Consider the basic methods that are currently used for removal of genital warts. Laser therapy. A modern method that allows you to completely remove the wart from the skin. Unfortunately, after using it to prevent scarring, but if we are talking about intimate areas, laser therapy is often used. Interestingly, this method of removal is always carried out with great care, so as while working in the air may be a large number of suspensions of papilloma virus. The method of cryodestruction. In this case, for the elimination of warts using the liquid nitrogen and extreme freezing warts. We can say that the method is proven as well-tolerated by most patients, after using it the skin does not remaintraces in the form of scars or scars, and warts quickly destroyed. Electrocoagulation. This method can be called the antithesis of cryodestruction. In this case warts is exposure to high temperature. Method is always characterized by a high degree of pain, therefore, its use is to be applied local anesthesia. Unfortunately, the method has significant disadvantage – a chance for education on the place of warts scars.

Important! When using the method of electrocoagulation, and laser removal, the virus in large quantities into the air.

In addition to the methods of removing warts, you can stop using multiple drugs. The podophyllotoxin – based drug in the extract of plants. When applied on warts is the process of withering away of warts, tissue necrosis warts. The drug is used exclusively by experts and its application is 2 times a day in 12 hours. The procedure is carried out for 3 days, then a week break.

Important! This drug can be purchased at the pharmacy, it is sold without prescription, it has detailed instructions for use, but doctors still strongly recommend not to use it yourself.

The interferon also helps the process of destroying warts. The area with warts oblivaetsya drug. The drug can cause many side effects, in which the patient feels like the flu. You can use the same Imiquimod, this drug is applied in the form of a cream on the warts 3 times a week before bedtime. In the morning the cream is washed off. The treatment lasts until the complete disappearance of warts.